Monday, October 19, 2009

Magnificent Monday

It's been just another day in many ways, doing the same ol', same ol' of barn and home chores, slogging through school work and practice with a reluctant boy, taking him to violin lesson and picking up some groceries. But a girl would have to be blind to miss the many beauties and blessings all around.

It started this morning after chores. Just outside the garage is the frame of an old walk-behind mower that Brian plays with, part of the clutter that comes with having a boy. There, hung within the framework of the handle, was this treasure (click to biggify the beauty!):

Looking east towards the neighbor's I can see a beautiful fall color - green!With the arrival of rain and the departure (from the pasture) of horses, the grass is starting to grow again. I am hoping that by mid-November when breeding groups are broken up and we are back from our trip to Kentucky, all the sheepy girls can go out on pasture again.

Of course, we have an assortment of more traditional fall colors to be seen as well:I took these on our way home from a trip to the post office.

The weather today has been perfect; comfortably cool with both clouds and blue sky for interest overhead. Rain will return, of course. It usually comes over the hill from our west. The other day I took the following two photos in quick succession, with my camera first focused on the bright cherry tree foliage, and then on the dark clouds rolling toward us:Isn't that just like life? How it looks all depends on where you choose to put your focus!

I'll close with a dose of Dozey for his fans:Comfy?
How about a pillow?

That's it for now from . . .


Unknown said...

Can I say Dozer is looking pretty comfortable in his new home? Will he be getting his own bed for Christmas too? It is so hard to a focus on just one thing as I have so many areas to look at...playing and learning about wool is definitely a winter focus for me....maybe try to knit a pair of socks too. Keep those Fall photos coming!!!

Deb W said...

You're coming to KY?? I think I read that you are coming here next year for the WEG, (and will be staying with Sarah?) but I didn't know you would be here so soon!! 'Hope you have a wonderful time, and enjoy Lexington and the Bluegrass Country as much as those of us who live here do!

Michelle said...

Kristi, after years of bulldogs we were pretty well equipped and haven't had to buy much of anything for Dozer except a step-in harness which I had never used before. He has Rosie's bed and dish, Rosie's mother's coat for cold weather, plenty of leashes, etc.

Yes Deb, we're coming in November! No, we aren't planning at this point to come to the WEG; this trip is justifiable for business (Rick's); that would be pure extravagance. Brian and I are looking forward to spending a day with Sara; any chance we could meet up with you, too? Always fun to meet blogpals; email me privately!

Heidi said...

Fall is so beautiful and you take such beautiful photos. So true about where you put your focus, what a great thought to start the day, thank you.

MaskedMan said...

I brushed an orb-weaver spiderweb recently - I didn't see it until almost the last instant, when the changing angle of sun as I walked caused it to suddenly materialize, as magic. It was strong enough that it survived me coming into contact with it. I stopped fast, and didn't destroy the delicate beauty that some spider had spent all night assembling.

Verification word: Frownery. A boutique for unhappy expressions.

Heather said...

What a blessing your post was to me this morning! Such beautiful pictures - I love your comment on where we choose to put our focus - SO true. Mine's been off lately and my perspective has been pretty gloomy. Last night I decided to change it, and then this morning I read your lovely post. Thanks!
Dozer looks like such a sweet thing. My Bailey just loves to sleep and she too chooses to be comfy and put her head on a pillow. Sarah, my other dog prefers the hard ol' ground. Go figure.

thecrazysheeplady said...

We are planning a farm open house with a trunk show for Flat Creek Wool and Pottery for the 7th. I wish we could postpone it to the following weekend and we could all have a huge meet up, but I'm afraid we're already pushing it for the 7th and worried Tonya will have her baby early :-o.

WildBlack (from Sunday Stills fame) suggested photographing dewy spider webs in black and white for a neat effect. Can't wait to try that. Yours are fabulous!