Friday, June 01, 2007

Behold, a "deer drink" deluxe!

Yes, I know it looks like a kiddy pool, but being out in the "orchard" like it is instead of up on the deck like his smaller one was last year, it's bound to be checked out by the meadow rats as well.

Now, I must get back to loading the camper for our first horsecamping trip of the year.
That's it for now at . . .


Kathy said...

When ya leavin'? I'll be right over for a dip in the pool! It's been hot here as well. I hate it when you start off without covers when you go to bed, then have to pull up a blanket before morning...although it beats staying hot all night, I guess.

Where are you off to?

Kathy said...

And was the camping trip? :)