Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sheep shuffle

That's what I started today - shuffling the sheep around so everyone can get acquainted with Valentine without ganging up on her. Lois (Valentine's breeder) suggested the following when the quarantine period was over: take Bella out and put in one of the other ladies for awhile, then take that one out and put the other one in, so Valentine can get acquainted with them one at a time on "her" turf. So this morning, Bella went out to the pasture with Dinah, and Rechel went in with Valentine. It worked well. Being in unfamiliar surroundings Rechel was less focused on Valentine, and I've seen no "ramming" - only a couple shoves.

Meanwhile, in the pasture.... Dinah took issue with her "new" companion, squaring off right away to ram Bella. Bella met her head-on nearly every time, so I wasn't too worried for Bella's safety. Her head is hard and the rest of her is padded with thick fleece at least nine inches long. They settled down after awhile.

To end January's posts, I'm including photos of flowers that bloom this month on our place. There is something in bloom here most of the year, so I'm going to use my blog to document what blooms when. The first photo is of sarcacocca, a lovely evergreen shrub that bears inconspicuous but highly fragrant flowers and does well in the complete shade on the north side of our house. The second photo is of snowdrops, little winter bulbs planted by a previous owner that survived the demolition, dirt work, and construction involved with replacing our old trailer with a house - gotta love tenacious beauty!

That's it for now . . .


Kathy said...

How wonderful to see green things! Most everything here is white...with highs in the 50s forecast for next week, so we'll hve a nice crop of mud to work in. :)

Tammy said...

Love seeing the flowers! Very lovely. Sometimes we will have jonquils up in January and February, but not this year. I'm glad things are going better with the introductions. My girls are always very aggressive towards new sheep or each other when they have been seperated from each other. (oh, and after shearing, when they don't recognize each other at all!) I wish I would have had time to stop and watch the shetlands this morning. They were so enjoying the snowfall we had over night---looked like popcorn springing about and playing rein-sheep games. :-)

Tina T-P said...

As a landscaper, John uses sarcacocca alot - altho I don't think he has planted any here at home. I do love snowdrops - they always remind me of my mom - for some reason I've never been able to get them established in my garden. It was sunny and in the low 50's here today, so I'm sure the groundhog saw his shadow. More winter ahead, I guess.

Good luck with getting everyone introduced - doesn't it just kill you to watch them bang on each other - and yelling "stop it" just never seems to have any effect (LOL)