Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Shetland ambassador

The snow is mostly gone after the rain last night and slightly warmer temperatures, so this afternoon I haltered Bella and Valentine for a "walk about." Valentine has figured out where the people live around here, so she jumps up to look over the short wall of her quarters whenever someone comes or leaves.

Don't the girls look nice in their color-coordinated halters and leads? I decided I prefer halters that blend into those pretty Shetland faces, rather than going with a contrasting "farm color." (I'll have to do something different with white sheep.)

Our friends with the two adopted daughters from Fiji drove up, so I led the sheepy girls up to the house to meet everyone. Nileshni is afraid of most animals and watched from a distance, but Karishma was willing to come closer. Bella was being a bit of a sheep kite (as usual), but Valentine stood with calm politeness. What could Karishma do but fall in love - just as I have - with this very special Shetland?

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Kathy said...

Valentine is a keeper isn't she? It's so nice to have sheep that will tolerate non-sheep people - and as you have stated, they are truly the "ambassadors" of the sheep world.

Tina T-P said...

What sweet pictures and what a great memory for those girls to have. :-) T.