Thursday, March 27, 2008

You take what comes

Above: yesterday.
Below: this morning.It's an odd spring in the Willamette Valley.

By the way, you see those daffodils on the far bank in the top photo? Years ago, someone planted the word "SPRING" in daffodil bulbs there. Through all the disruptions of moving out an old manufactured home, building a new house, tearing out old landscaping (mostly overgrown junipers and dying heather) and planting new things, those daffodils valiantly try to spell out the season every year. Some of the letters are still pretty obvious; others take some imagination. I've thought of filling in the gaps, but don't know what variety those are and if what I planted would bloom at the same time.

Yesterday Jackson graduated with honors from his beginner's obedience class. At five and a half months, he was the youngest and most solid of the small group; yes, I'm proud of him! After class, he got to play with Max, one of the other graduates; the two boys had a blast. I will continue to practice with Jackson, both to keep him a good citizen and in case I find the time to continue his education later, or possibly even show him.

This morning at 4:15 Rick's pager went off, heralding an emergency that required his attention. An hour later my own "pager" went off, as I heard Brian crying over the monitor (his room is at the other end of the house). Apparently his cold has brought about his very first ear infection, and the poor little guy was hurting. He's sleeping now, thanks to a dose of ibuprofen as per the advice from our insurance's RN Help Line. My day will be reshuffled accordingly.

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Laura said...

Yay Jackson! I need to get my pup started as soon as she has her 3rd shot (this weekend). She already knows sit, so we're on our way.

Sorry to hear about Brian - earaches are no fun.

Lauren said...

I can't believe you're still geting snow! Isn't snow unusual period for your area and now here it is toward the end of March and the white fluffs are still falling? Weird, wild stuff.

Give Brian a big hug from us. I'm glad they treat earaches differently now than they used to do. I remember arguing with the boys' pediatrician about antibiotic overuse and can't we let the body heal itself and I was scoffed at and warned I'd permanently damage the boys' hearing. Now they've changed their tune and I think I deserve some gloating time, don't you?

Jess and HH are leaving me this weekend with the three testosterone fiends (plus a farm and house to run). Wish me luck!

Kathy said...

But snow isn't that unusual, is it? Oh, yeah...that's's not unusual for US, but everyone else actually gets a spring! LOL!

Glad it's you and not me, for once. Sorry to hear aobut the recipient of a massive inner ear infection when I was in my 20s, I know exactly what he feels like. Even sleep was weird! Poor guy.

A :-) said...

Snowed here yesterday, too. Spring is really roaring in here in Chicagoland.

Sharon said...

This is the most tenacious winter I can remember - it will not die!

Redbud Lane Farm said...

So sorry you are getting that nasty white stuff. At least you do have pretty flowers too. We don't even have that yet here in NE MO. We should have invested in more heat lamps this year! Congrats to your pup, sounds like he is going to be one awesome dog. :)