Monday, March 17, 2008

Spinning and knitting progress

I got the natural-colored Romney locks flicked and spun, and am ready to start on some off-white Gotland from the same flock of sheep that provided the wool for the cloaks in The Lord of the Rings movie. I think I'll get all the fibers Kathy sent on this bobbin, but it will be FULL. (Love you, big Louet S10 bobbins!)

Saturday night I reached the end of the recycled sari silk yarn that I had, and am waiting on another batch I won on eBay. The body of the Sonnet is done, and one sleeve is started. As you can see, there is a distinct color shift from the first three skeins on the left to the second three skeins on the right and the sleeve. I'm not exactly thrilled with that shift, but I think I can live with it. I just hope the lot that I bought on eBay isn't another color mix entirely!

Tomorrow: more revealing photos of the "ladies in waiting." No, you don't get any more hints until after the contest closes at midnight tonight! Just guess already (if you haven't)!

And here's a heartfelt nod to Patrick, Scottish missionary to Ireland and fellow Sabbath-keeper!

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Franna said...

I guess "midnight tonight" was midnight yesterday. B-U-S-Y continues here. I'm glad you figured out the crate for Jackson. They make life so much easier with a pup! We actually play games with the crate, feed them in their crates, use them for traveling "homes" away from home. The dogs like them and will go sleep in them without being sent.

Since the cutoff for guesses was yesterday, do you have lambs today????

- Franna