Monday, March 10, 2008

Posey-smellin' pup

(As always, click on any photo to biggify.)
Don't you love a guy who appreciates flowers? :-)

The pieris are blooming now, too. I planted the white one (Forest Flame) at the corner of the house a couple years ago; it's still quite small. The burgundy variety is one of three big shrubs we rescued from my neighbor's. Although all three survived, only one is putting on a show this spring.

Here are two more of our local birds. On the left is pink-sided Oregon race dark-eyed junco, and on the right is a Western race rufous-sided towhee (yes, they really do have bright red eyes!). Towhees are usually ground feeders; I rarely see one at our feeder. I'm so glad this one did so I could share him with you!

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Either you cleaned that window or the sun was shining in Oregon yesterday ;-)
I have always envied those of you who live in places where green things grow, but I don't envy you the rain.

Lauren said...

Wow, I get it. This is a huge Willamette Valley conspiracy to get me to relocate there. Well, you've got me sold, gotta work on the man.

Still no lambs, missy. I thought for sure I would wake up to at least one this morning!

Kathy said...

Our snows are finally melting and the birds are singing their spring songs now. Of course, we all know it ain't over yet, but the promise of spring is so welcomed.

Thanks for the great photos...for those of us in places where spring doesn't really arrive until June, they are very cheerful.

Garrett808 said...

i've never seen or heard of a pieris. How gorgeous!!! Hey its 46 here today. The first day over 35 since October 19th here!! WOHOO!!! :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I know its a different day, different post, but I had to comment on Rick's mutterings about 'shooting some of those things'. It made me laugh, it sounds exactly like Derek! I also agree with you, personally I would rather shoot them with a camera :)