Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More pup and poseys

Since my sheep aren't giving me any photo- or newsworthy developments to share, you're stuck with more shots of the flowers and resident canine at Boulderneigh. You can tune out now if you're getting tired of the same ol' same ol'.....

Today was Jackson's second obedience class. He worked hard and did well, and was rewarded with another playdate with Psycho, the young Doberman. Here he is on our way home, tired and happy:
Our daffodils are struggling a bit to look their best while weighed down with raindrops. Someone commented about how perfect the Willamette Valley appears, all green and flowery, and wondered if there is a downside. Well, to start with, one must consider what makes things grow so well here - in a word: rain. Now the rain and grey skies don't bother me, but some people just can't handle it. Plenty of people can, which brings up another downside if you like elbow room: growth and development. It has built up a LOT since we moved here in 1989, and we thought it was highly populated then (nothing like the Southern California of my childhood, but also quite different from the north-central Minnesota we had just left). When we commented about all the lights in the hills we could see when we first arrived here after dark, someone replied, "You can't expect paradise to be unpopulated!"

This unusual flower belongs to the "Tasmanian Tiger" euphorbia (related to poinsettia) planted in front of Brian's window. It's come back quite nicely from Brian's "pruning" last year.

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Jackson looks very happy! I believe dogs are happier when we give them a job to do, with his job to learn I'm sure he is in doggy nirvana :)

Lauren said...

I remember when Brian "pruned" that plant for you and how upset you were. I'm glad to see it flourishing.

Thank you for all the lovely daffodil pictures. Granted, there are aspects of living in the desert that I love but I sure miss growing real flowers.

AS far as the rain goes, I could take it no problem. We got a lot of (55" a year) where I lived in NC but hubby hates the rain (and what it does to his work).

Oh, well, the cacti will start to flower next month. I'll apreciate their uniqueness if nothing else.

Franna said...

I never get tired of Flowers and Dogs!
Keep 'em coming.
:-) Franna

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Ahhh Michelle! Indeed a small world! My last name is Jackson and I live 4 hours from Portland in Pasco! When did you live in Manhattan and why? Gosh I'm nosey:) I just love that small town with it's friendly people. It should be the best place to live in my opinion and I would still be there had we not retired from the Army back in 1990 and moved up here to be closer to my mother. As for the rain, I love it because I am used to rain growing up in Germany, Bavaria to be exact. I miss rain so much and celebrate when it does rain here in our desert. Last night it did and all is so fresh smelling and happy now. the desert heat is a real challenge for me in the summer and I whine lots and want to go to the Oregon coast. When I win the lotto, I will build a nice stone cottage by the ocean and have some sheep in the meadow. Will you and Tina come for a visit?
Much love from a former Little Apple lover, Karla & Miss Peach

Sharrie said...

You sure do take some lovely pictures. I can't get enough of dogs or sheep or flowers. Don't stop on my account.