Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a coincidence!

What kind of yarn are you?

You are Shetland Wool. You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a little on the harsh side. Though you look delicate you are tough as nails and prone to intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are widely respected and even revered.
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Kathy L. said...

I took this too and came out as Shetland also, but couldn't get it to paste to my blog. L(

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I pasted the code okay but at first it wouldn't "save and post." Said there was an incomplete code around the center command. So I searched for and deleted the reference to center and it posted fine.

Funny how most of the people on the Spinning list are "dishcloth cotton" and unhappy about it. I'm happy as a clam to be Shetland, and now have even more in common with YOU, good friend!

Lauren said...

Ohmigosh, have I made a breed mistake here? I am Merino!

Lauren said...

Here is wht it says:

You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.

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