Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where's my crab pin?

A dear friend of mine used to wear a hat with a crab pin on days when she wanted to give her family fair warning to tread lightly.
You've been warned. I blame it on sleep deprivation, on (dry, hot, buggy) summer, on lack of saddle time. I am addressing the first one by trying to take a daily nap; the second won't last forever – and I fervently hope the third one won't, either!

I should find out this afternoon if Lance's every-six-hours treatment schedule will continue past today. It wouldn't be so bad if I could go back to bed and sleep after his 4:30 a.m. treatment, but by the time I get back in the house at 5 a.m. I'm thoroughly awake and the morning show has begun. The visual Hallelujah Chorus of sunrise, the fresh morning air, the peaceful solitude, and a hot drink are all too beguiling to trade for another fitful hour or two in bed.

After placing ads on Ravelry, I've been busy skirting fleeces and getting them ready to ship. I never got around to skirting and advertising four of last year's fleeces, so I included them in the ads as well. Comparing the "professionally sheared" 2016 fleeces with this year's scissor-sheared (by moi) fleeces has confirmed something for me. Shearing may take me ten times as long as it does a professional, but I make up a lot of that time when skirting. It also saves me money (a little), my sheep's skin (no nicks), and fleece (I was stricken by the amount in second cuts that I threw away!). Plus, I can shear (or roo) each sheep at the optimum time of the rise for best results. You can probably guess what I plan to do from here on out.

Last night Rick asked me if I am interested in getting more pullets. He has a client with too many chickens who might be looking to part with around four blue Wyandotte pullets. We currently have six good black hens, but I've been contemplating getting a few fall chicks to refresh the flock and keep production going next spring. Some pretty gray girls almost ready to lay sound just about perfect!

That's it for now from . . .


A :-) said...

Those are pretty chickens!

Theresa said...

I'm thinking crab necklace since it would rarely come off these summer days...HA!
I have to tell you, as pretty as some chickens are, I just cannot bring myself to want any. the motto remains fowl are foul in our house, but I know that your flock would certainly benefit from additions!
Fingers crossed that a good schedule gets worked out for Lance and you!
That's a lot of work shearing, but as you point out, you can do them at the best time, not all at once. Good luck on the sales! Revelry is a boon for fiber artists selling and buying.

Mama Pea said...

You didn't sound crabby at all, Michelle. I think the pin I should be wearing these days is a chicken with it's head cut off! That's what I feel like most day anyway. It always amazes me that I think I'm busy in the winter . . . but then summer/gardening season/etc. hits and I yearn for only having chores INside, other than snow removal that is. :o]

Hoping Lance's situation has improved. Lucky you to be offered those sweet looking pullets!

Susan said...

I'd wear that pin just because it's pretty! The way this year is going, I may just get a crab tattoo on my forehead. I hope, too, that all this work on Lance's treatments will pay off with a healthy, happy horse (and healthy, happy rider). I'm just hitting my stride at 4:30, but I sure do lose steam by 4P. I wouldn't even mind shearing my too, if they were as cooperative as yours. Mine are a pain in the bee-hind. Hope you sell every last one of your fleeces!

Claire MW said...

Ooooh, I think I need a crab pin, and maybe some crab earrings and a crab bracelet while I'm at it! I love the blue Wyandottes - such a lovely looking bird. Lucky you!