Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Good fences

Early this morning when I started water on the strawberries, I noticed someone watching me from the other side of the garden:

(I didn't notice the brown lump to the right of her until I uploaded these photos; I wonder if that's her fawn.)

This is why we have a small garden space; it's what we could afford to put an 8' fence around!

It may be small, but it helps feed us. This evening I harvested a nice-sized zucchini, two more small Japanese eggplant, and a big handful of kale leaves to make a quick and easy sauté (along with one of those big garlic flowerheads and a can of garbanzo beans) to serve over red quinoa for a friend and myself. It was tasty, and I have enough for a repeat meal tomorrow. It should be good fuel for all the things I want to get done before driving to the Portland airport to pick up my guys. Tomorrow is supposed to start out cloudy and stay cooler, perfect "hard work" weather. I'll just have resist the siren song of my spindle.  ;-)
That's it for today from . . .


Susan said...

Cooking up a big pot of quinoa is a great idea - you can base so many good dinners (and breakfasts) on it! Sounds like you are making the most of your 'girl' time - I am in total awe of your spindles... :)

Mama Pea said...

This time of year it is SO hard to divide one's (available) time between tasks outside and tasks inside. My problem is that I never find the time to do the wanna-dos! Well, that's wrong because I do wanna have a big garden and berry patches, help on all the other outside "move ahead" projects, do my share of putting up wood for the winter, etc. What I lack time for is my handwork. My quilt room currently looks like a bomb has gone off in there which is very strange in that I haven't gotten to spend any time in there for weeks!

Theresa said...

Summer always feels frantic. Myself I like the quiet dark days of winter when I often feel like I can languish about. But of course summer berries and veggies make up for the fast pace. I will say when you stay home to work you can live a bit more seasonally and that is a wonderful thing. For years, the seasons passed me by while I was coupled up in an office.