Sunday, July 09, 2017

Time travel

So last week was the kind of "full" that made it seem two weeks long, as opposed to the kind of "full" that makes it zoom by. Somebody explain those phenomena to me, please!

We arrived home from horse-camping Tuesday afternoon after several somewhat stressful hours on the road. We took two vehicles because my MIL joined us (four won't fit in the cab of the pickup); Rick and his mom were in the pulling truck and Brian and I followed in Rick's vet truck. The pulling truck (or horse trailer) emitted periodic puffs of smoke so I was keeping a close eye on that, then Brian got his first opportunity to drive on a narrow bridge (see photo and description HERE) and on an interstate (I-84), which kept me on full alert, to say the least. Prayers were answered "yes" and we got home without any problems. The rest of the day was spent unloading, watering, doing laundry – and enjoying long showers. Ahhh; indoor plumbing. At the end of the day, I was too tired to stay up for fireworks!

Wednesday through Friday Rick's secretary was on vacation, so I worked at the clinic except for when I made a mad dash to Salem to meet Sharon and Ian on their way from Bend to Hillsboro (Sharon bought Bree's fleece for spinning at her volunteer gig at the High Desert Museum) and took Brian to his violin lesson. Working at the clinic gave me time to catch up on emails and blogs, and spin along with the Tour de Fleece. I've put at least 10 grams of this lovely white mohair (purchased at the renaissance fair last September) on each of four different spindles (for the Jenkins Turkish Spindle Showcase), and am working on my fifth.

We've also been spending quite a bit of time treating my horse for Inflammatory Airway Disease. We've been giving him prednisolone and cetirizine (Zyrtec) for awhile now; Rick wanted to add fluticasone via nebulizer to see if that would improve lung function so he ordered a fancy new mask and nebulizer that's supposed to do the job well. Well.... Let's just say that the system has been a little finicky, the administration takes much longer than anticipated, and then you have to thoroughly clean everything – twice a day for now. We'll see if it helps.

Today we have a long list to try and plow through before Rick and Brian leave early Thursday morning for a week-long adventure. There are berries and cherries to pick and freeze, tomatoes to stake, lambs to vaccinate (and one to band), electric fence to fix, a sheepfold to clean, meals to fix and clean up after, laundry to do, etc. I'm trying to get Brian's rear in gear to help me; Rick left early this morning on a vet emergency and isn't home yet. We'll see what we get done!

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Maureen said...

A busy week, and I was just thinking the same thing recently. I took a few days off and kept busy with a to do list (including vaccinating and banding)and it seemed like the time went by a lot more slowly than it usually does. I enjoyed the time off and wish I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow. :-(
Hope the nebulizer and meds help your horse!

Mama Pea said...

Isn't it funny how the little things in daily life (not that the troublesome issues with your horse are "little") can keep one running from dawn 'til dusk? I guess it's a sign of a busy, interesting, fulfilling life . . . one that we wouldn't give up for anything. Still, bed sure feels good some nights!

Susan said...

You get a whole week sans boys? Woohoo! I hope you take some time to treat yourself. How does Lance take to the paraphernalia?

FullyFleeced said...

the perception of time is really fascinating. I took a week off work at the end of June for a staycation- one of my goals was to try and stretch time out a bit. slow things down. I find that for me what works is trying to stay in the moment more. changing up routines and sometimes helps with that.

Leigh said...

Always a long list of things to do! Interesting about the mask and nebulizer. I didn't realize they made such things for horses. Hopefully it will help! It's hard to see beloved animals have health problems. Here's hoping you've made a good dent in that list, with time working in your favor!

Michelle said...

Glad your time off slowed down for you, Maureen. Usually it goes by too fast! Haven't been able to see any improvement from the nebulizer meds....

I got a new pillow so bed feels even better now, Mama Pea!

Susan, Lance tolerates the paraphernalia amazingly well. Meeting up with friends and getting free time to spin definitely feels like a treat.

Anymore I just take it as it comes, Denise. Good or bad, it mostly goes by quickly.

Most human medical advancements are available for animals as well, Leigh – if you can afford them!