Friday, July 28, 2017

This crazy life

Seems that members of this family have done more coming and going than staying around this summer! Early this morning I drove Rick to the airport so he can attend his nephew's wedding on Sunday evening. He took with him handcrafted wedding gifts, a big salad bowl and a small "loose change" dish (shown with a penny). As a joke Rick engraved the small dish with "Brad's money," as if that's all this med student and future doctor will have.  ;-)

On my way home coming up our hill, I stopped to snap this photo (click to biggify to get a sense of scale):
That lot used to be covered with overgrown Christmas trees; I imagine it will be planted in wine grapes like most everything else around here is these days. The third blog post I did was about similar activity years ago on our hill, and the geologic features that helped me choose my farm name.

Brian had just finished chores as instructed when I got home from the airport. He was eager to get to an acquaintance's at the other end of our lane and dissemble a trampoline to bring home. I don't know how long he'll sustain interest, but right now he finds it irresistible. He's even sleeping on it tonight!

But today wasn't all about play. Our favorite local hay producer had let me know yesterday that he had 72 bales of second cutting for us. He has a grapple so there was no effort involved in loading; we saved our muscles for the unloading/stacking. I was pretty proud of myself; this is the first time I've backed the big flatbed into the barn (with Brian's guidance)!

Now I have ibuprofen on board and need to go to sleep. So glad tomorrow is a rest day!

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Mama Pea said...

Great (as well as beautiful) wedding gift!

Trampolines can be a great amount of fun and exercise. Hope Brian enjoys his.

Having the ability to back up a large trailer, especially with a heavy load, is a talent. I've done it but certainly not as quickly or efficiently as others! Hope your muscles survive the hay unloading in good shape.

Theresa said...

Nice hay! I've ordered our 8 ton and likely it will be delivered and stacked come fall like always. The trampoline looks awfully fun. Id be tempted to sleep out on it too, however the air-conditioned master is probably more comfortable for these next few nights.
Beautiful bowls!