Monday, July 24, 2017

The sun has set on TdF 2017

Looking east this evening at the pretty sunset colors!

For this year's Tour de Fleece I signed up for Team Footloose (for those using Hansen miniSpinners) and Team Jenkins (for those using Jenkins Turkish spindles, also "footloose" ;-). But between Cowboy Campmeeting, time-intensive treatments for my horse, holding down the fort for eight days while my guys were gone, and all my usual work at home and in an office, spinning here and there on my handy little spindles was all that occurred. Since Team Jenkins had a Spindle Showcase thread which required at least 10g on featured spindles, I divvied up my Renaissance Faire mohair into 10g lots and then broke out a bag of Jacob roving from Kim so I could feature all 11 of my Jenkins spindles. By the end of three weeks I had accumulated 161g of singles! Here are all my pretties in a bowl:

In the next week I want to get the mohair plied, then finish spinning the Jacob and ply it, too. I've already had a request for fingerless mitts from some of the Jacob, and I'm thinking it would make a beautiful base for another Sheep Heid hat.

That's it for now from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Love the pictures of your spindles. I enjoy spindle spinning over wheel spinning - although it has been years since I picked up a spindle. Probably forgot how. Hahaha.

Claire MW said...

Beautiful work. I didn't spin once on this years TdF timeframe. I find I only spin one evening a month these days, on my spinning group night. I just can't find the time with everything else (mostly work) these days. Long hours and little rest. I did do some weaving lately though.