Friday, July 21, 2017

The big kids

As I said yesterday, Brigitte slipped out while I checked water buckets. I easily caught her, then of course had to see how her fleece is developing (very nicely, thank-you!). Figured I might as well document her "well insulated" tail, too, noting that it does have a hair tip and a proper fluke shape on the underside in spite of its appearance.

When I led Brigitte back into the fold, her twin sister Bardot came up to me, so she was haltered for a once-over. I've been keeping my eye on this girl since her birth because I really want a black-based ewe out of Sarai.

She is fading more slowly than the musket lambs so is still hard to photograph, but there's not much to fault on this girl!

Vienna's twins were more of a challenge, since neither Bogie nor Bacall has been haltered before. On top of that, I've been mostly hands-off with Bogie, ram lamb that he is. But since we plan to wether him very soon, I guess that can change now.

Bacall is more shy than Sarai's two girls but usually friendly, if unsure of the restraint.

Her fleece was a delightful surprise – crimpier than I expected, with the longest staple and the softest handle of the four. I don't need three full siblings out of Vienna; there are hard choices ahead!

That's it for now from . . .


Theresa said...

Those are some lovely Shetlands. I'm sure you'll have takers for whoever you decide to move along.

Leigh said...

Lovely! Love the colors and that crimp is delicious. I know you must be pleased.

Jenn said...

I don't understand (no experience with Shetland Sheep) some of that but it's nice to see photos and learn!

Claire MW said...

All of them are beautiful - such divine fleece shots - I want to dig my hands in there! I love the shoulder patch on Bacall - that seems a bit unusual.