Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More signs of fall

I say "more signs," because to me spiders mean fall. Wish that spiders caught mice - not that I could handle a spider big enough to do that!!! Oreo was busy hunting this morning while I cleaned stalls (GOOD kitty)
and Brian said he saw a mouse in our daylight basement on Monday. GREAT. We have not had a single rodent in this house since we built it eight years ago; guess I figured we never would. The bar bait I set in the crawl space near the furnace way back then is still untouched, but I put another piece in the back storage room, too. Death to all rodents who venture in my living space!

Deep breath. To end on a more serene note, here are more signs of the changing seasons:

We leave at o'dark thirty tomorrow morning, and will be stepping directly back into summer for a few days. Must pack accordingly. See ya'll next week!


Susan said...

I am so with you on mice. That's how we judge the beginning of fall here, too. Mice move back in. Blech. I don't mind spiders (as long as: they are tiny, I don't see them, I don't know they are anywhere around me). Wish I had a good kitty.

Kelly said...

Safe travels tomorrow Michelle.

Gone2theDawgs said...

mice and spiders....I have NO tolerance for mice (tried going the "safe" route at the barn with traps...and moved right back to bait...wish the guardian dogs would let my cats hunt down there!), spiders, as long as they stay out of my way and don't bite me as I sleep I am ok with them. Safe travel!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at OFF! Glad to hear that Dinah and Barry have found a new home-