Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Doin' the Fair: Day One, Part Two

Another thing on Brian's "Fair agenda" was to see the Chinese acrobats. A different, smaller troupe is there this year, and unlike last year, there were no restrictions on photography:
Men in black against a black background are not easy to photograph - but put on a good show!

We visited the Reptile Tent, and then Brian wanted to know what "that" was. It was a petting zoo, something I can never get Rick to stop at, but apparently little boys have more pull. In we went.
It was nice and clean, with friendly, healthy-looking animals and very attentive workers. The fallow deer were downright pushy, and the wallabies (there were two) were so cute and soft!

Next I got to spend some time in my favorite building, where all the traditional fair entries (quilts, garden produce, baked goods, hand crafts, etc.) are housed. There were many stunning quilts on display, but the "quilt forest" caught my eye:
I looked at the floral entries, and started visiting with one of the state fair workers about entering items at the fair (with an eye towards next year). In the course of the conversation, I learned that there were two more flower shows during the week. I just might clip a dahlia or two and take them down early Friday morning for that day's show!
No prize money, just bragging rights. Why not?

Still more to come from Monday . . .

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Sharon said...

Fantastic quilts!