Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Of birds and bees

Love the graceful, bug-eating swallows.

Hate coming across the baby birds, like this young robin, who aren't quite air-worthy. I want to rescue them all, but have to let "nature" take its course.

Rick rented a bee box this year to see if it helps fruit production. He got it a little late for most of our fruit trees (except for the Braeburn apple, below, he planted for me earlier this spring),but the blueberries and cane berries should keep them bizzzy - if it ever stops raining and warms up enough for more of the little workers to come out of their hive!

Of course, they say the "birds and bees" lead to babies, so here are the first and last born of the 2009 lamb crop, Bronwen and Barabbas:
Another shot of Barabbas, the "hubba-hubba" last born:
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An English Shepherd said...

Yes its a shame about the baby birds who don't quite make it :-(

Wizz :-)

Janet Roper said...

Your pics invite me to smile, wind down and relax. ;-) Nice being back and getting caught up.

MiniKat said...

Hehe... you had birds, bees, flowers, and trees... just need the moon now. ;-)

Sharon said...

What kind of lens do you have on your camera - those bird shots are great!

Michelle said...

Sharon, I don't have a fancy SLR digital camera that can take different lenses, just a Fujifilm FinePix with whatever lens is built into it!