Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm cool? Cool!

Yesterday first MiniKat and then Doreen nominated me for the Butterfly Award, "for the coolest blog I ever knew." (Well, they each nominated TEN blogs for this award, so I guess it should say "blogs," not "blog.") I had to blush a little when MiniKat said that she was only nominating the ten blogs she makes her husband read, too - and mine was one of them.

Since butterflies can fly, I'm going to send this little award to some of the off-continent blogs I follow, because I think it is cool to learn about other places and cultures, and cool that the world-wide web and blogging make it so easy to do. And the nominees are:
Kathleen's A Bag of Olives blog; Kathleen lives in Peru with her husband and beautiful dog and is a master spindler and knitter.

Nessa in Australia doesn't post to her blog often, but I am interested to see the development of Blackthorn Dairy Sheep.

Lene lives above the Artic Circle in Finland. She Dances With Wool like no one else!

Our Little Corner of Paradise is Barleycorn Gardens to a lovely Scottish couple. Stunning photography and a love of the Lord!

"BondBloke" in Scotland has two photography blogs that I enjoy, Photogenic Scotland and Fotos That Don't Fit.

Kanisha in France shares her tiny Ouessant sheep (even smaller than Shetlands!) on her blog.

Jenny Holden has a fascinating career in wildlife preservation, lives in Scotland, and has beautiful Shetlands, all shared on her Wandering Gecko blog.

Sue is a lovely lady in Australia who goes by White Lilly.

That's it for now from . . .


Jenny Holden said...

I am honoured! Thanks Michelle. Love the socks by the way. Now they are cool!

Bondbloke said...

"such trifles" are most welcome Michelle, although I do have to say that I prefer sticky toffee pudding :D

Btw, thnak you kindly for this honour

Kathleen said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! I love reading your blog, and I've learned so much about Shetland sheep in the last fwe months!

I'm tinkled pink to get this award! WOOOHOOOO!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle....

Sorry I haven't let you know that I got my gift and I love it. I have been so busy with my driftwood art show that I haven't been able to thank you properly. The yarn is so nice and the color is a favorite. I will have a new hat this winter. I will wait until the fall when the Farmers Market is over to start knitting. And thank you so much for the roving. I hope I can do it justice.