Monday, March 16, 2009


We have a sisterhood of hens. Latecomer Lucille is thoroughly incorporated into the flock now, and comes running with the others when I approach the coop. (That's her on the left in both photos.) The girls know I rarely come empty-handed, and I try not to disappoint.

On Friday MiniKat gave me an award for "creative sisterhood." I must admit, I don't feel very creative since becoming a mom; I've wondered sometimes if having a kid at 40 sucks all one's creative juices right out of a woman! But since getting Shetland sheep three years ago, I've gotten caught up in all kinds of fiber fun, so maybe those are taking the place of the fine art I used to do.

This award comes with the request to nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude, although like I said, MiniKat said she was passing the award on to those in the sisterhood of artists. I'm going to take my own liberties and pass the award on to those with whom I feel a particular sisterhood. As for passing it on, they can do it if they want to, or just accept it as my thanks for being in my life!

1) My SISTER, of course! She doesn't blog much and probably doesn't consider herself an "artist," but because of her I have experienced the unique and wonderful bond sisters can have.

2) Melanie, my "twin" out in New York. We have so much in common it's eerie sometimes!

3) Lois, my dear "big sister." She is so much gentler in spirit than I am, but we have a lot in common, too (like dressage and late motherhood). She has been a most appreciated mentor in shepherding Shetlands and in spinning.

4) Kathy, my "big sister" in Arizona, another spinning mentor (enabler?) and friend. We were actually living near Manhattan, KS at the same time years ago, but didn't get to meet then. Shucks!

5) Tammy, my sister in faith, shepherding and the love of horses and all animals. It was so neat to get to meet her and Allena (below) last summer when we were in MO!

6)Allena, a sister in homeschooling, shepherding, and spinning.

7) Sharrie, the "sister" who gets to live in the log house I've always wanted and babysit her son's bulldogs (who sometimes have puppies; be still my heart!) while watching lambs and calves frolic on their farm.

8) Sharon, I know you've been nominated for this already, but I have to nominate you, too, because of the kinship I feel with you!

9) Robbyn is a "sister" I've met in blogland who understands the blessings of the Sabbath, as well as the joys of growing your own food and eating healthfully.

10) Tammy, who I met at Black Sheep Gathering last year. Now she has a blog, her own beautiful flock of Shetlands (including Valentine, my favorite sheep of all time) along with the rest of her menagerie, and I have another friend and "sister" (and one of her chickens)!

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Sharrie said...

Thanks, Michelle. Know anyone who wants to buy a bully? I never had a sister, but I sure could use one now.
Having a brother is just not the same thing.

MiniKat said...

That fits the bills nicely. :-) Never can have too many sisters. ;-)

Gone2theDawgs said...

Thanks, Michelle. :) I definitely feel like we are "sisters"! Hopefully I'll get my act together as far as blogging soon and can pass that wonderful award along. Valentine sends her sheepie kisses.

Kathy said...

Thanks, L'il Sis. :)

A Big Hug from Sown Under (but I'm headed home today!, tonight)

Kathy said...

Oops...I meant "Down Under". :)

(This keyboard is so different than mine!)

Sharon said...

Thanks Michelle - we've been sisters for a while, haven't we?

Your chickens are so pretty. I sure hope we'll be able to finally have some of our own if retirements comes through and we actually get to *live* here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Michelle...I am honored to be your sister (haven't we always been?). What a joy to see you so in love with spinning and knitting...creating and giving and becoming. I will always recall your adamant declaration at the beginning that although you wanted sheep (we knew that you would LOVE them), you planned to sell their didn't have time for another passion! And then you opened yourself to everything that these beautiful sheep brought to you....and found room for it all (and more) in your life.

Robbyn said...

How wonderful, Michelle...thank you so much for this honor!! :)

Kathleen said...

Wow! Congratulations to everyone on their awards! And isn't it wonderful to see those hens congregting together to share a cluck and a cackle at the local clump of grass :o) Better than the water fountain!