Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jackson at rest

We interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you the following:This is my friend Debbie's "Hooch dog," 13-week-old Anakin. I guess when you're a male Dogue de Bordeaux who's going to weigh well over 100 pounds like the handsome example below,you can get away with a nickname like Annie and wear a pink leash!

Now, on to Jackson at rest.

Unlike Rosie, Jackson is not a "plush puppy." Maybe because of all his fluff, he prefers laying on hard, bare floor to anything cushioned.
This morning Brian got up and came to my room where I was folding laundry, so he and I lay down on my bed to cuddle. Jackson popped up to join us, which Brian thought was great fun for awhile.
Then, suddenly, my "hard floor" dog morphed into a "plush puppy," taking over the bed as if it were his right! (I know, Lauren, you think it should be his right.)I had to bribe him to get him off; asking nicely didn't work. It's a good thing we keep the bedroom doors shut (saves on picking up all the trash Jackson likes to remove from the trashcan), because that bedspread does not fit in my washing machine!

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Lauren Dorsee Dillon said...

Just look how comfy and happy he is! Plus he could protect and love Brian and keep him warm in the winter. I bet Brian's bedspread fits in the washer. How can you deny him his newfound plush dogness? Aw, c'mon Michelle. Have a heart.

BTW, where does Anakin sleep?

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

LOL too funny! Of the four dogs we have, all of them sleep in someones bed. Most of them sleep with my daughter, Tug, the chui, sometimes sleeps with us, sometimes with my son, but Never Ever on the floor! LOL unless of course there is no one in a bed somewhere to snuggle with, then they will lower themselfs to rest on the carpet in teh LR, or the couch :)

Windyridge said...

He's growing like a weed, so long and lanky now

Michelle said...

Lauren asked, "BTW, where does Anakin sleep?" Let's say it all together now -- "Anywhere he wants to!" (Kinda like the 500 lb. gorilla!)

I wouldn't mind letting Jackson sleep with Brian, but their bedtimes and sleep needs are much different. Brian goes to sleep at 8:00 and stays asleep for at least 11 hours. Jackson would have to occupy himself for several hours each night, probably by chewing up all of Brian's toys!

Heather said...

Hi Michelle, love your blog! A Shepherd with dogs and kids - it doesn't get better than this, does it?
Is your Jackson an English Shepherd?

Sharon said...

Keep those Brian and Jackson pictures coming. They are the absolute best!

Nancy K. said...

That poor, deprived puppy! We may have to turn you in to the SPCA.

I just make my bed, twice, every day ~ I make up the bed and then I put an old comforter on top of it so that Bella can sleep on the bed without trashing my good quilt. Of course, I never get to SEE my good quilt but dogs have needs to ya know!


Tammy said...

Anakin = Baby Boone. Ha... or how I imagine he might have looked as a pup. He still carries the weight of the world serious look on his face too. Can't believe how that one is grown. And Jackson--is he all legs or what?? He is gonna be a tall fellow, but I expect he will fill in to match his legs as he matures. My collies have always done that--picked really hard surfaces to lay on, unless it was really really cold and then they would get on their beds. They even have lain out in the rain at times.
(p.s. take a look at my latest post!!) Tammy