Monday, April 28, 2008

Great expectations

Some days I have no plans to blog, but then something catches my eye and I fancy that someone else will enjoy it, too. This morning on my way to the barn to do chores, I noticed that some lilac buds are just starting to open. That inspired me to walk around and take a closer look at other plants, shrubs and trees.

Our three baby fruit trees planted last year are all looking good. From top, a Bing cherry, a tree grafted with several varieties of Asian pears, and a tree grafted with several regular pear varieties.

This Pink Walloper rhody looks like it's going to have wonderful blooms this year.

The iris are developing flower buds, too.

But as sparse and imperfect as they are, what really warmed my heart was to see these blooms on three of the azaleas/rhodies we "rescued" from my neighbor's yard last year. Most of the others have buds. The "pinks" (is that their name?) we transplanted survived as well.
There was a flock of evening grosbeaks at the feeder this morning; some of them stayed for a photo through the window. I cracked the door onto the deck to try to get a clearer shot and they all flew away, but then a couple came back with two of their smaller cousins. Hurray - the always cheery goldfinches are back!

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Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

ooooooh - so inviting! All that green, and the flowers, oh my! I just saw the first lilies poking up from the dirt and a few columbines also, but only on the (hot) south side of the house in a raised bed. It will still be a few weeks before we even see leaves on the trees! HA!

Kathy said...

My Mr. House Finch and his Love are back again this year, as are all the other bird varieties we have - except I haven't heard the hummers zip past. You know warm weather is here to stay when the hummingbirds are back.
We have gone from winter into fire season. This is the driest April on record for AZ.
Hope no one strikes a match!

Sharon said...

It looks like you live in a park!!!

Texan Will Travel said...

There are lots of days I don't plan to blog. ;)