Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sampling the goodies

Yesterday when I was dealing with the gully girls, I took a good look at their fleeces. (Took photos, too, but they didn't turn out.) Bronwen, who has been darker than fawn Bramble from the beginning, is definitely NOT moorit as I first thought (and put on her registration); she has a distinct line where her fleece is coming in lighter. Since neither of her parents carry Ag, she must be fawn as well. Interesting how two sheep with apparently the same color genetics can manifest so differently!

Anyway, it made me curious about Blackberry. Could he be modified as well? So this morning I pulled back his coat and took a look.
Black as can be at shoulder and side,and only a little silver scattered through his frosted area and hip.
And talk about crimpy and soft! I think this boy may be the prize of my 2009 lamb crop; I'm so glad I kept him. Not that I'm going by my own hand; while I had his coat pulled up, I took a mid-side fleece sample to send in to Texas A&M.
Then I grabbed the girls (still hollering in the fold; Bramble has cried herself hoarse) and snipped mid-side samples from them as well. Here is Bramble's sample in the morning sun and on my washing machine under fluorescent light:
Here is Bronwen's sample in the morning light and on my washing machine (see the line?):

I am very interested to see the test results on these three samples. I have a feeling that getting a new poll-carrying girlfriend or two for Blackberry will become imperative!

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spinpygora said...

Black shetland fleece? Be still, my heart!!

A :-) said...

I'm loving that black fleece . . . ;-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Ditto on the black, very pretty! I have two of mine covered so far, will cover Babs after OFFF, and order another coat for George, it just barely fits him and he's already ripped the side of it out. He still thinks hes a lamb and keeps trying to get into the creep :)

Garrett808 said...

that black fleece IS stunning!

I would have totally said that the 'moorit' gullie was Ag, but you are right, her parents weren't. is this fleece taken from where the side dusting is at? I've noticed on some of my black gullies that the side dusting goes through to the skin, giving a modified look (of shaela in the black gullies I have).

if her whole body is that color I would bet she will be mioget or something light...because that is REALLY different!

do keep us posted on that one!

Leigh said...

It will be interesting to see if the "old" color in Bronwen's fleece grows out completely. That particular fleece though, with the bi-coloring should make lovely yarn. (So should Blackberry's).

Michelle said...

So Garrett, now you see why I need some unrelated poll-carrying girls for that handsome young man! And I'm still pretty sure that Bramble is available in trade, if you're interested and someone else doesn't speak for her first.

Bronwen's "silvering" is occurring all over her body, even on her neck where her darkest fleece was. She can't be mioget, because only her sire is modified. It is indeed a mystery -- like so much of Shetland color genetics!