Monday, September 28, 2009

The best part of blogging . . .

. . . is the friends you meet! No, I didn't get to meet Becky yesterday, but I did get to meet Sharon today! She and her DH Ian are on a road trip and it didn't look like there would be time to squeeze in a meeting, but she called me this morning to tell me they were on their way to Woodland Woolworks en route to Bend. I was so disappointed, because Brian had a violin lesson in another town that I couldn't reschedule, but just in case, I called her when he was done. She and Ian were still at WW, so off we dashed!

Friends, fiber and fiddle - what more could you ask for? Sharon was surprised to see that I'm tall like her - and I must admit I didn't imagine her as tall as she is, either. Ian was the perfect fiberholic's husband, sweetly taking photos of Sharon and me, and both of us with the WW crew (and packing out Sharon's loot). That's owner Diane, on the left, another blogpal I have the privilege to know in person. I had to snap a photo of some of Sharon's handiwork; she is such a talented lady! That's one of her fulled bags, some of her handspun, and a pair of Falling Leaves socks she made on this trip. Since we had come from Brian's lesson, the ladies asked him about it, which led to him offering to play them a few tunes. (Thanks to everyone for graciously listening to my little ham!)

All in all I thought we packed a lot of warmth and smiles into a very short visit, and I'm SO glad to have gotten to meet someone I have felt a real kinship with (and, after all, we are sisters - in Christ!). And just in case you are wondering, I continued to abide by my fiber diet even in the presence of a whole ROOM of sale yarn and fiber. I did buy the book I've been wanting, though:
That's it for now from . . .


  1. How Fun!
    What a "make you smile" post...


  2. We're on the same wavelength AGAIN..,I just bought the same book!

  3. Of course; we're telepathic twins, Sis!

  4. You'll love that book. There is a ravelry group for it as well. Definitely check it out before you start a project so you can see issues other had...

    Looking forward to meeting you when you all come to Kentucky :-D

  5. I loved it when that door flew open and you stepped through - it really was cool. It worked out so well and thanks for making it happen. While I have warm memories of it all - Brian was the show stealer. That cherubic smile when he turned around after his violin solo is still in my mental picture bank. Jackson has a very nice boy.

  6. Wow, how neat is this! What fun to see two fellow bloggers meet in person for the first time.

  7. Oh, you are going to want to knit everything in that book!! I love my copy - it is already well worn. I've made the Saxony Socks, St. Patrick, and have Two Hearts on the needles now!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful, wonderful day :-)

  8. I LOVED hearing Brian play! And Sharon is right - his smile was beatific! he is very talented.


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