Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New news flash!

Change of plans. After talking to Karen Valley on the phone twice, we agreed that Meghan's ram Lil'Country Nightcap, from Juliann's Little Country Acres polled program, would be the best ram for Boulderneigh. He is the afore-heralded grey katmoget ram lamb's sire, and has a very nice yearling micron test and a great crop of lambs to his credit. He is probably a half-poll, with very slight button nubbins. Nightcap was the ram I was leaning towards at first because of his color and track record, so I really am as excited to be getting him as I was to be anticipating his son. Now if we can just confirm travel plans for all the sheep that need to move this summer.... You can see photos of Nightcap taken last year here. I'm hoping Karen can send me some recent photos soon.

That's it for at least a couple minutes from . . .

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Juliann said...

HOORAY! Michelle I think you'll just love him. :)