Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday snow

Yep, it's March 8 in Oregon's Willamette Valley and we awoke to a dusting of snow on the ground. While I did chores more started falling thick and fast (click to biggify):Browning tied while the girls eat their grain.

Snowflakes collecting on a bulging Inky.

If we get any more precipitation today it will probably fall as rain, but it is chilly. Rick's mom is arriving on Wednesday from Mesa, AZ for a visit; we'll have to keep a fire blazing in the woodstove to keep her from turning into a "Gramsicle"!

Good news on the chicken-wrangling front: I finally walked over to talk to the neighbors, and "Loose Lucille" is staying at Boulderneigh! They agreed that it was pointless to keep bringing her back, so Lucille has a secure home now. She's still the odd one out here but is faring fine. She's endeared herself to me by figuring out that I'm her protector; as soon as I enter the chickenhouse she runs to the feeder to eat her fill, knowing I will not let anyone bully her. (Don't know who Lucille is? Just enter her name in the search window at top left and you'll get to meet the lovely lady!)

On my way back from the neighbor's, I spotted this beautiful fungus on a stump:
That's it for now at . . .


MiniKat said...

So much for the pansies for the time being. We've had rain all day here.

Glad Lucille gets to stay. I hope she's happier with you than she apparently was at her former home.

I'm still not sure about the others, but I'm positive Inky is either carrying twins or a field of watermelons.

Claire said...

Love the pictures despite the snow. We have had two days of rain and everybody is looking a bit bedraggled around here. I am so pleased that Lucille is finally "home" and I know she will fit in even better over time. I just love the tree fungus - how beautiful.

I'll go for the watermelons Minikat!

Lady Katherine said...

Love the snow, and I do love chores as it falls, but not after. lol

MiniKat said...

I know you already have it (Premo Blog Award), but I wanted you to know you are getting the award again. Hop over to my blog and see why.

Loretta said...

Your blog looks delightful! I found it at Miss Peach's blog, which I also discovered today. I love sheep. I found out that I did when we visited Haworth in Yorkshire England in 2007. There were so many sheep in the fields near the B & B where we stayed. Your farm looks so lovely.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Why thank-you, Loretta, and welcome to Boulderneigh! As for MiniKat and Claire, Inky says, "Well, I HAVE had triplets before, you know."

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Browning. He looks so pititful all alone. hehe!

We've got temps in the 60-70's here, but that means nothing. We can get snow all the way into early June up here in the mountains.

It's bad for the fruit trees that decide to flower too early, though. Last year we didn't get any apricots, peaches or apples because of a late freeze and snow storm at the end of May :(

Stay warm and keep grammy warm ,too. hehe


An English Shepherd said...

I love the snow :-) Its raining and then sunny here at the moment :-(

white_lilly said...

I love your snow pictures. Aren't the seasons a tease, changing from warm and sunny to rain and snow :)

A wildlife gardener said...

I love how you relate to all the animals you look after....such as Lucille :)

The fungus pic is great, by the way :)

country girl said...

Love the fungus picture.