Saturday, March 28, 2009

For Garrett and Franna

Hey Garrett, THIS is our house! This is the west side; the neighbor's house you saw in a previous post sits downhill and almost due east, past our barn and pasture. Below is our house as seen through the island flower bed in the middle of our circular driveway:
Gratuitous shot of Oreo, our barn kitty, strutting her fluffy stuff in front of the daffodils:
And for Franna, who has first dibs on Boulderneigh Blackberry, a shot of his perfect, tiny tail:
Today was cold, wet and windy, much too raw outside for tender lambies. Besides, we were gone from morning to early afternoon, and I don't trust the hawks I've seen circling our hill lately. Dinah has been very vigilant the two days she and Bronwen have been out on pasture, and I'm sure Inky will be, too, but I don't want to take a chance by leaving them out when I'm not here. Tomorrow is supposed to be mostly dry and not as windy, so I am hoping to put all the sheep out. Monday's forecast looks nicer still, so maybe there will be lamb races to photograph!

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Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful and those daffodils!!! Ours haven't even broken ground yet. What a wonderful place to live.

MiniKat said...

I agree with Doreen. It may be cold there right now, but we just had snow. Looking forward to seeing the lamb race pictures. Think you will get video?

Franna said...

- Franna