Monday, April 14, 2008

Poultry placed in palace; office odor abates

Yesterday evening Rick was home just long enough to set up the chicken "yard" and get the inside of the coop ready for the chicks - except for hanging a brooder light. I did that last night after chores, and also brought in an old wooden ladder for the chicks to roost on. Then it was time to move the chicks out of their overgrown box and into their spacious new quarters!
Now at night we can see a cozy little window glowing in the dark, and I can have my desk - and office air quality - back. It's all good.
That's it for now at . . .


Lauren Dorsee Dillon said...

I know that odor; I don't like that odor. Once I had a city friend (from Boca Raton where I am sure no one has ever seen a chicken coop) come to visit and she wanted to gather eggs with me. She came in the hen house, screwed up her face, and said, "Gross, there's poop in there."

Once again in unison, everyone poops!

Anyway, I'm glad you got them outside. Do they have laying boxes yet?

Kathy said...

a very nice Pallais de Poulet indeed! When the odor hits, that's when I get people at the door wanting to give me Easter chicks! LOL!