Friday, April 11, 2008

Lambs' first outings

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out, so I put a halter on Rechel and took the little family for a short walk-about. Rechel was very interested in the fresh grass; the lambs - well, they were interested in dirt!You really have to search for Blizz's "horn spots;" I think this little guy is a half-poll like his sire. It wouldn't surprise me if Bluster (above) is, too; he certainly isn't "sprouting" like Bobby did!
This morning, at one week of age, the twins and their dam got to join the rest of the flock for the first time. No magic to the age; today is just the first nice day we've had since they were born so everyone got to go out to the sheep lot. The whole weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, so they will get lots of exercise and exploring time.

Look! I caught Bluster in mid-bounce!(Click on photo to biggify.)
Things were going well, until Brava showed too much interest in the lambs.
Rechel made it clear that Brava was to go away.
Instead of obeying, Brava went on the offensive!
I winced as they repeatedly butted heads, but when Rechel started backing up to avoid conflict and Brava kept on bashing, I intervened. I entered the lot, pulled Brava aside and loved on her, and gave Rechel and the lambs a chance to regroup. When I released Brava and she went right back on the attack, I'd had enough. Brava is back in the fold for the day. I consulted with mentor Lois, who agreed with my actions and recommended keeping Brava and Rechel separated for awhile. Once Rechel is assured with her surroundings and the safety of her lambs, she should be able to keep Brava in line. After all, Brava is just a yearling and the lightweight of the group!

There was a more pleasant interchange going on part of the time this morning, but I will save that for another post, as this one is already long and photo-intense!

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

OMG how cute are those lambs when they jump like that!!! I can never get them in that jump...i'm too slow with the camera! I absolutely think you and Nancy K have the best photography skills ever. I even have an 8.8 megapixel and I still can't take photos like that!

How odd that Brava was going after momma with girls that have all lambed so far are all mature girls and a quick sniff hello and everyone is fine. Then again I do have a separate pen for the moms with lamb, and a separate one for those that are still pregnant. Mine are also only jugged for 36-48 hours depending on the weather. The girls haven't been able to go outside with the snow over a foot (again!) b.c. those lambs would disappear in the snow!

Sharrie said...

Thank you for the chuckle. You get the photography prize. What is more precious than bouncing lambs?

Sharon said...

You've bred for polled genetics but even without horns they seem to want to butt heads. That's really interesting and also a problem I can see. I've discovered a new thing to envy - grass!