Friday, April 18, 2008

Any time, Dinah!

Dinah is due this weekend. It's difficult to see on Miss Piggy, with seven months' fleece and a sheep suit on, but I do believe there are wrinkles in her coat that weren't there before tonight.
She also sought out more attention than usual. Her tail is still "in neutral," however, so I didn't put her in a jug. I will go down and check her before I go to bed, though.

Rechel's twins are two weeks old today, and provide plenty of entertainment while we wait. Blizz loves to be scratched once you get ahold of him; Bluster is a little pistol who can't wait to get away. But before I let him go last night, I snapped the photo below at mid-side. As I said before, he's going to fade to light musket very quickly!
Brian provides entertainment as well. He asked me to give him a mohawk with the vacuum when I was cleaning today, and it really stood up because he needs a haircut. I used hairspray to hold it in place, and he clowned around in front of a mirror for quite some time.
That's it for now (but hopefully there will be more soon) at . . .

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Kathy said...

Just make sure the ram lambs don't get too comfortable around you, IF you plan on keeping them as rams, as it makes for bad behaviors when those pesky hormones kick in! Just ask Ole. ;-)