Monday, June 11, 2007

Suited sheep = salivating spinner!

Yesterday I got everyone caught up on their CD&T shots, worming and hoof trimming. We gave Val her CD&T booster at the end of April (hoping she was pregnant) and I trimmed her hooves, but Rick didn't have time to help me with the others then, or anytime since. So I finally set up my sheep stand with a mounting block on one end, collected supplies from Rick's vet truck, and headed out to tackle the job by myself. No sweat! Sheep suits make catching and haltering the girls SO much easier by giving me something sturdy to grasp without a wrestling match, and everyone cooperated quite nicely. Even Bella!

After each girl got "shot, squirted and snipped," I pulled up her sheep suit and got a good look at her growing fleece. Oh, so lovely! The soft, clean fleeces, especially Dinah's and Val's longer ones, made me itch to shear and spin on the spot! From the top, in order, are side shots and fleece close-ups of Bella, Rechel, Dinah, and my sweet Valentine:

Bella, Rechel and Dinah were not anxious to leave the fold, but Valentine tried to squeeze out each time I opened the gate. So after all the work was done, I took her on a walk-about for some browsing - she LOVES maple leaves. Brian wanted in on the fun, which let me get a photo.

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Lauren said...

That's the cleanest fleece I have ever seen. I'm jealous but still not ready to put suits on my hay magnets in this heat. Maybe if we ever move where the weather is not insanity-provoking.

Kathy L. said...

I'll be changing coats on mine soon as I noticed both Ailee and colin getting a bit "tight" 'round the butt. I did take a glance at Loretta's fleece and she's going to be an iset! It's so beautiful, too.

And congrats on winning hepherdChik's contest!

shepherdchik said...

Oooh Valentine is going to give you some really pretty yarn (they all are, but hers looks especially nice).