Friday, June 08, 2007

Good 'erbs

That's what one of my family members says when faced with gustatorial delights. It came to mind yesterday when I saw Valentine getting "salad," followed by the other three enjoying the fruits of her labors.
It came to mind again today, as I was planting the six varieties of basil I purchased at the farmers' market yesterday. Then, of course, I had to survey everything in the garden, since half the fun of gardening is watching it grow (the other half is eating!). The green beans are sprouting nicely. The bell peppers are starting to bloom. The yellow cherry tomatoes are already setting fruit. There's even a few raspberries on the plants Rick got this spring!
Gracing the west edge of the garden are these rhodies and a blooming bush, below, I THINK is a wegelia. Can anyone confirm that?
That's it for now . . .

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Kathy L. said...

How gorgeous! I won't show you mine...after the 100 mph winds and then two nights of 23 F they are looking mighty puny, even though they were covered and tucked in at night.