Saturday, June 09, 2007

All finished!

If my family had to depend on me to make our clothes, we'd need much smaller closets than we have. But it sure does feel good to have completed my first knitted article of clothing - Brian's Surprise Jacket!

Yesterday he donned it immediately after I sewed on the buttons. Then he added black pants and a hat and declared himself "Santa Claus" - ha!He wore it to church today, too (fortunately, as forecast, it's cold and rainy). When I picked him up from his Kindergarten class, the teacher said, "Nice job on the sweater; Brian's very proud of it. And it fit in well with today's story of Joseph and his coat of many colors!"

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Tina T-P said...

And what a special memory it will be for Brian to have this beautiful sweater made for him by his mamma. It's gorgeous and he looks very proud to be wearing it.

Our trip to pick up Loreena took us 10 hours round trip - 7 hours driving time (including lunch and the time at the farm) - John is exhausted - I slept alot, but I still have this darn cold and so I think I'll tuck in early too.

Have a great weekend. By the way, Kim & Doug still have a couple of little grey yearling ewes who are very sweet... :-) I think it's a good thing we have Jewell coming too or we might have ended up with three in the trailer instead of one! T.

Lauren said...

What a great job! I knew you could do it!

To add to your success, Brian appreciates it, not something all children do.

Did you make the hat as well?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

No, not the hat. I haven't graduated beyond a simple roll-brim style yet. But I did spend last night perusing several books to pick my next project. EZ's gnomy hat looks interesting!

Kathy L. said...

Brian is just beaming in the photos! Tina's right, he'll always remember this and that YOU made it for him!

Now, of course you realize you'll have to start on the next one to keep up with him growing, right? ;)

(I know...I'm bad....)

Tina - omme i London said...

Well done you! If you have the pattern, you should try the "Modular Tomten" by Elizabeth Zimmerman. You like this one; you'll love that one!