Friday, March 01, 2024

March madness

I almost titled this post "Sloppy Spring." It's been wet and grey and cold for days; the ground (including the arena) is saturated and squishy; the covered chicken run alternates between a river, a lake, and a swampland. Ugh. Then yesterday afternoon the snow flurries started, and continued off and on through the night. Nothing stuck, though, until after 8:00 this morning. It's melted now (adding to the slop), but we could get more of the same over the next few nights/mornings. Stereotypical weather for lambing, but none of my girls are close to that yet; I know, because I felt them all up this morning. For some reason, poor Blaise was very lame in her right rear leg/hip. I suspect she got roughed up by someone. I fed her a couple crumbled molasses-rich horse cookies to boost her energy and will check on her again later.

We're very thankful to still have some firewood left to keep the house comfortable. Hay supplies are good, too. The ewes, of course, are getting regular pasture time; without that I would probably run out of sheep hay before this year's crop is in. Having them out as much as possible also keeps the Sheep Sheraton from getting disgusting as quickly, and can't help but contribute to the health of ewes and their eventual offspring. It's hard not to be impatient; I want to see what's 'cooking'!

I'll have to wait for these beauties, too; I'm not digging a hole in the mud to plant them yet. Gotta love Costco's prices – and plants that the deer leave alone! I must admit, though, that I've seen very few deer — and NO mice — in quite some time. Interesting, especially about the mice.

That's it for the first day of March from . . .


Jeanne said...

I'm tickled to find your latest blog post!

Your snow pictures are really pretty! We got more than you did, though, and trying to get it scraped off the car this morning, was not fun! It was about three inches deep, and icy, since we were getting rain mixed with snow yesterday. Then during the night we got more snow. Yesterday we had big fluffy flakes coming down, which were fun to see.

We don't have much mud, being on river bottom "soil". Our driveway is graveled, and the ground is still frozen, so I was walking around the car getting sloshed in icy snow and rainwater. We did get some sunshine this morning, which helped with melting. My daughter heard a snowplow heading up the highway around midnight. (We're only a half block away from the highway.)

Don't get stuck in that mud!

Michelle said...

You're "Jeannie on the spot" today, Jeanne! I'm surprised to hear you got more snow than we did up here on our hill, but then again you are closer to CA where they are getting dumped on.

Leigh said...

Snow! My, my. Our first day of March was rain, rain, rain, with temps in the 30s. Pretty miserable. I reckon we're all just hanging on until better weather comes to stay.

A :-) said...

Bad storms north of me last week, but I dodged the bullet. I love Dahlias :-) I have a lot of daffodils because they are one of the few things the deer won't eat.

Tim B. Inman said...

Oh, those Dahlia's! Mine are sitting in the sac waiting for warmer temps, too. No mice or deer? Just wait til you get young sweet tender things coming up! They're just back in their rooms playing cards and reading books right now. They are there!! Cheers