Sunday, January 01, 2023

Riding a roller coaster into 2023

The last evening of 2022

The weekend started out nice enough. We had our special Christmas service on Sabbath since services last week were cancelled due to ice, and then went back to church that evening for a amateur hour/talent show in which my husband performed. After that we went to a senior home to visit my Dutch friends who had just moved there the day before after spending nearly a year apart due to health issues, and then got treats at Dairy Queen on our way home. Nice, huh? I thought so.

The dogs enjoying their Christmas gift still
Brian was gone when we got home; he'd told us he was going to hang out with friends. After doing chores, we settled in with the dogs and the fire in the fireplace to watch the news – until the power abruptly quit at 11:00. Oh well; we weren't planning to stay up to welcome in the new year at midnight anyway, so to bed we went.

The power was still out when fireworks and gunshots awoke us at midnight. It was still out when Brian called us at 1:45 am because his car was stuck in a ditch. Rick headed out to pull Brian out but found the ditch deserted (someone else stopped and pulled him out, but his phone died so he couldn't tell his dad) and Brian parked at home asleep in his car when he returned . . . with the power still out.

A bright, sunshiny new year dawns!

When the first day of 2023 dawned, the power was still out, so Rick started the generator to keep the fridge cold, the well pump operating, and a few outlets hot for charging phones. After my phone had charged, I went out to observe my one annual tradition, starting every new year on horseback. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we enjoyed not only a very good school in the arena (with a pair of red-tailed hawks soaring overhead), but also a ride down the gravel lane and back, wishing neighbors a happy new year. And while we were out, a neighbor texted that power had been restored; hurrah!

This afternoon I took down our little "tree," and with that, Christmas 2022 was dispensed with. A little handspun, handknit woolly sheep hat had joined the minimal ornaments on Christmas Eve, as it was one of my Christmas gifts from a dear friend (shown with Poppy's nose for scale):

Another gift – or the result of another gift – arrived yesterday in the mail. My sister gave me a gift certificate to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and I selected the following (don't tell my guys that I ordered three varieties of summer squash!):

Then I had a little dress-up fun with Leo. My mom has sent me some cute dog accessories over the years, mostly for the bulldogs we used to have  – the jingle bell collar was one of them. Today he modeled a couple others.
all dressed up with nowhere to go

"take me out to the ball game"

He's a photogenic little fellow, clothed or naked!

Happy New Year from . . .


Mama Pea said...

I especially liked the shot of Leo "all dressed up with nowhere to go!" Never a dull moment even when our kids are "grown up," is there? Power being out is always a challenge, but being prepared with a generator sure does save the day. Happy New Year to you three and all the animals!

FullyFleeced said...

Just popping in to wish you a happy New Year! Starting 2023 without power is certainly not ideal, but at least you got a good ride in! and thank goodness for generators, eh?

Michelle said...

That little collar and tie IS really cute on Leo, Mama Pea, but very hard to get a good photo of (at least in the lower light of that moment)! And yes, generators turn power outage situations from crisis to inconvenience.

Thanks for popping in, Denise! There is no option to have follow-up comments on your blog sent via email, so I tend to lose the thread there. Yesterday morning there was quite the neighborhood hum of generators; I think pretty much everyone has 'gotten the memo.'

Florida Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year, dear girl. I truly hope this year will be far better for all of us than the last one. I'm so glad you got your annual ride in.

A :-) said...

Happy New Year, my friend. Glad you were not without power for too long, and glad that Brian wasn't hurt driving into a ditch . . . . So smart of you to have a generator! Leo looks quite put out with his costumes, but they are awfully cute. :-D

Jeanne said...

That was quite the beginning to 2023, for you and your family! I'm thankful that you have that generator! We could use one sometimes, too.

I'm glad Brian wasn't hurt, but it did surprise me that he was sleeping in his truck. Maybe he ran the motor now and then, to keep warm.

Leo looked really cute in his little outfits! Would you believe Rico wears a T-shirt - three-month size - from St. Vinnie's? When he's too cold outside, or in the house, he keeps warm that way. He has so little hair!

That little tiny hat is just darling! The little sheep on it are really cute.

God's blessings throughout this new year!

Fat Dormouse said...

Wishing you and yours a happy, peaceful and uneventful 2023!!

Leo looks cute in his outfits. I'm tempted to try something on Lucky Jim!

Michelle said...

I've given up on "hope" like that, Sue, but that doesn't mean there won't be plenty of blessings and joys!

A, the whole 'neighborhood' was humming with generators; out here in the country, people have figured out they are nearly indispensable.

Jeanne, Brian drove home and fell asleep in his car here in our driveway for awhile, but came in sometime in the night.

I'd like a video of you trying to dress a cat, Alison!

Retired Knitter said...

What a happy guy that Leo is!! He hit the Jack Pot with you guys!!!