Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Greener pastures

I got an email this morning from the person who bought Boomer, Berlin, and Sarai last fall. I braced myself; the subject line said "Sad news." Sure enough; "Sarai passed in her sleep last night. She was resting comfortably under her heat lamp with her eyes closed when I found her this morning."

It was a quick decline that just started yesterday, perhaps precipitated by the two younger sheep knocking Sarai down. She was seen by a vet and given anti-inflammatories, but by yesterday evening she could no longer stand. "So we gave her lots of hugs and kisses and some treats and grain and helped her get comfortable under the heat lamp." I have to admit I shed some tears, but they were bittersweet. Sarai had a good, long life, and was surrounded with love and care at the end. All of God's creatures should be so fortunate.
Sarai, yesterday

To cheer myself up, I turned my girls out. It was their first pasture time since the foxtail hardened off last summer, so the yearlings were FULL of energy; the expectant ladies just wanted GRASS. (Dear little Bling; once a bottle baby, always a bit of a bottle baby! And that deep voice you hear in the background is Spot.)

Since some interest has been expressed in a lambing contest, watch for a post announcing that. In the meantime, you can ponder the ladies in waiting:





To close, here is this morning's sunrise at approximately 15-minute intervals. I thought the progress interesting:

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Wow, having five "ladies in waiting" you are going to have bouncy lambs all over the place! And possibly some sleepless nights to come? What a happy occasion it will be, though, to decide which to keep and which to make those on your (most likely) waiting list thrilled.

Leigh said...

I LOVE the videos! Your flock is so happy! They run like goats, lol.

Very sorry to hear about Sarai, though. But I know it's a comfort to know she was so well taken care of. Losing them is the hardest part of keeping livestock.

Tim B. Inman said...

Spring can't be too far away. Lambs were part of my boyhood growing up on a farm. Dad pretty much lived in the lambing building when it was 'time.' On a fun note, O.J. - my now almost 20 year old tomcat - decided to have a night out last night. He hasn't wanted out since Thanksgiving! He does go out for a 'stroll' in the late afternoons, but he always returns for a warm night. Last night, he wanted out at around 9 again, so I let him out, thinking he'd be back in a minute. (He can only work as a consultant now, not as a practitioner. His trip to the vet was a long long time ago.) Nope! It wasn't very cold so I thought, "OK, you pays yer nickels, you takes yer chances". This morning, he was super smug, and proud of himself as he walked - walked! - into the house, tail straight as a string pointed UP; still King of Oakdale Farm. Direct path to the feed bowl, had a nice drink, washed his face, and then went straight to the nice warm marble slab laying top on his radiator. We'll see what transpires tonight. (He ain't going out tonight. It will be too cold.) Spring is in the air. Cheers!

Michelle said...

Don't I know it, Mama Pea! I do have people interested in lambs, including those who bought Sarai. And I've told everyone that I really would appreciate some more black-based lambs this year; an Ag-grey would be nice, and a spotted black gulmoget from Blaise.

Glad you enjoyed the videos, Leigh; I enjoy watching them again, too.

Tim, I plan to be VERY attentive this year, since my (unavoidable) absence last year cost me two lambs and almost another lamb and her dam. Your description of O.J. and his escapade was hilarious! And 19 years old? What a guy!

marlane said...

The way sheep run is so entertaining !!

A :-) said...

OK, Bling is hilarious!! And I will hazard a guess when you announce the contest. I'm so sorry about Sarai - she was so beautiful. I seem to recall that she was with you a long time, wasn't she?

Michelle said...

Marlane, that stiff-legged hop is called "pronking," but I prefer the word "sproinging"!

Bling doesn't really like being petted, A, but some faint memory tells her that I might have something good. I got Sarai in 2011 as a yearling; she lived here 11 years.

Mokihana said...

I love that I get to see your sunrises, Michelle. It's kinda like our photos are bookends, aren't they?

I'm so sorry to hear about Sarai... losing them is so hard!

I love the videos, too!!

Jeanne said...

Michelle, I'm very sorry about the death of Sarai. That always hurts.

I didn't realize you had posted this on Tuesday! But I LOVE the videos!! I get such a chuckle out of them when they do the pronking! It's just plain adorable! I've always enjoyed that! I've already watched them twice, I and just found this blog this afternoon!

Retired Knitter said...

Yes, it is amazing to me that I get so attached to animals. Your sheep are very very lucky. What a good life they have.