Sunday, January 08, 2023

Houston, we have a resolution!

After a full and satisfying first week of January (with LOTS of photos to show for it), I decided today that I really need to post here at least once a week. If things are busy, that will keep posting from becoming too overwhelming; if things are slow(er; does that ever happen???), posts won't end up so unwieldy. So here goes a recap of Week One.

The year started strong in the sunrise department, but dwindled as the week wore on and the weather socked in (rainy but mild). In spite of the increasing precipitation, Stella and I got in six rides in a row – a great start in my book! (If I get my act together, my dressage/training blog will be updated – and kept updated – soon as well.)
January 1 (already shared)

January 2, due east

January 2, ENE

January 3; my favorite

January 4

The new hens are settling in and definitely adding to the egg production. I think I've gotten eggs from three of them so far, but never catch them at it to identify who is laying the blue egg, who is laying the green egg, and who is laying a pale egg. Pretty Pearl, Ashes, and Puff regularly venture out into the run now, but Lady E rarely does.
L-R: Whiting True Blue egg, eggs from new hens (pale egg not shown)

L-R: Ashes, Puff, Pearl

A better photo of Ashes

I haven't gotten photos of the birds taking advantage of the black oil sunflower seeds I've been putting out this winter (my windows are too dirty), but this squirrel was a new one for our place. I think it is a Douglas squirrel, not one of our usual Western Gray squirrels. Poppy doesn't care; a squirrel is a squirrel and she desperately wants to CATCH one!

Hope springs eternal....

Male Anna's Hummingbird, in waiting

Female Anna's at feeder

I've been seeing and hearing these Red-Tailed Hawks often

Perched in the neighbor's tree; I'm guessing they are mates

Last Thursday I hung out in the Sheep Sheraton with my ewes for awhile. Everyone came up for scritches except Bette and Bernadette, who kept eating (maybe they are both eating for three???). Well, Boop didn't exactly come up for scritches; she was interested and curious, but didn't want me to actually touch her. Broadway made up for it; whenever I wasn't touching her she pawed at me or jumped up on me! I think I detect some swelling bellies; at the earliest lambs could arrive at the end of February but I'm not expecting any until March. I'll just have to watch and see, though, since I witnessed nothing to mark on my calendar.

"What about ME???"

Little Leo is a bona fide member of the family now. He has gone from "The Iceman" to "Frosty the Snowman" (a jolly, happy soul) and regularly cracks us up with his antics, mostly in playing with Poppy. And how they play! "Catch me if you can," "Keep Away," "Tug-o-War," and wrestling.

And then it's time for a nap. Leo stretches out,

and Poppy curls up – preferably in our bed!

A Frenchie and his (their) fishy


And how is Chuckie handling our new family member? Like a boss. Notice who is at the door? Chuckie has Leo's number. Now if both dogs decide to play 'chase,' Chuckie doesn't play it so cool.

Finally, one of my orchids is blooming again! This one has just two buds, but my smallest orchid has a bloom stalk that looks to have more developing. My old, scraggly poinsettias have also developed a wee bit of color (completely overshadowed by my anthurium). All of these are MUCH more colorful than my current cotton spinning project.

That's it for week one of 2023 at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Proposed changes for you at the start of this new year. Me, too!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great update! :-D

Michelle said...

i want to read all about them, Mama Pea!

Thanks, Sara. I know that YOU know how things snowball and blogging falls behind. I'm going to try to ride the tidal waves!

A :-) said...

Nice update!! I'm so glad Leo has settled in and become a member of the pack :-)

Jeanne said...

I've been enjoying your first 2023 blog. Those sky pictures are really fantastic! We are feeding at least three Anna's hummers. They seem to be nesting in the contorted filbert tree in my front yard. Your pictures are so cute.
The sheep pictures are great. I always enjoy seeing them and hearing about their goings on.
It's so good to know that LeotheFrostySnowman is doing so well. Puppies are so much fun! Rico still acts like a pup, even though he's about three years old already. His antics are so funny! The pictures of Leo and Poppy are great!
Your orchid and anthurium are beautiful. My tiny orchid is also going to bloom soon.

Michelle said...

Thanks, A and Jeanne. Leo has indeed become a member of the family pack!

Retired Knitter said...

Working my way backwards through the postings that I missed. “Member of the family?” So you ARE adopting Leo? How grand!! A playmate for Poppy! I love those Frencies...