Friday, April 12, 2019

Well, THAT was interesting!

•  Earlier this week I went in for a check-up on my recent tooth extraction site. My dentist said it's healing well and removed the stitches and barrier that were helping hold the bone graft material in place. I got up the nerve to ask if the tooth had indeed been cracked, and he said no, but there was a cyst on one of the roots that came out with the tooth; he even showed me photos. He said it had probably been infected for a long time; it was good to learn we made the right call in taking it out.

•  Yesterday morning I noticed this moth on the outside of our deck door. Took a closer look when letting the dogs out, and was startled at its beauty! I looked online and found several that look very similar, but I think it is a Feralia jocosa, or Joker Moth. Any moth connoisseurs out there?

•  This morning I was sitting at the table doing payroll taxes when my face started feeling flushed. The sensation spread to my neck and head, kinda like a localized hot flash. I got up and looked in the mirror, and I was as red as a lobster! I considered an allergic reaction, but hadn't ingested anything unusual nor done anything outside for a couple hours. Then it dawned on me; it must be a niacin flush. The dermatologist had recommended I take niacin twice a day to possibly help prevent more of the pre-cancerous spots she had frozen off; strange that it hadn't bothered me before this morning. Eventually my whole body was affected; quite a sight in place of my usual winter white!

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Mama Pea said...

Good golly, Michelle, you just never know what is going to happen to you next!? Have never heard of a cyst on the root of a tooth, but then other than four wisdom teeth that came in at once and swelled my throat shut, I've never had tooth problems. Nor allergic reactions to drugs as you seem to have just experienced. Have you stopped taking it or wait to contact your dermatologist?

No help on the insect in question. Sure is purdy though.

Retired Knitter said...

Heavens! Cyst on the tooth and a whole body blush!! Never boring out your way.

Debbie said...

I guess the tooth extraction had a silver lining glad that it won't be a source of further problems for you.

Definitely an amazing pattern on that moth coat. All the same, outdoors is where it should stay.

Perhaps check with your dermatologist on the niacin flush. My DH has only used the non flush niacin and no issues with it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Michelle said...

Oh, you blessed person, Mama Pea! I have had teeth problems since grade school – hence the dental PTSD. The flush from niacin is a known reaction, not an allergic reaction, but was an interesting experience regardless. Glad it didn't repeat at the same time today, as I was in church and might have alarmed people with my vivid red hue!

I don't believe in boredom, Elaine. ;-)

Debbie, I bought "Slo-Niacin" from Costco that's supposed to decrease the chance of flushing; go figure!

wyomingheart said...

That dang niacin did the same thing to me... It was like a hot flash X 10 ! I stopped taking!

Jeanne said...

Well! You have had quite a time, haven't you!!?? I hope things settle down for you now!! I've never heard of a cyst on a tooth root!

The Willamette River has dropped some now, after getting quite high. We really don't need any more rain!

That was really a strikingly beautiful moth.


Leigh said...

Oh my, Michelle. I think you need a good long spell of good energy and good health! You are such a trooper.

The moth is a beauty and new for me. Great shot.

Claire MW said...

That definitely looks like Feralia jocosa to me. I didn't realize you would have it way out west, but looking at some range maps, it appears that you do! It's more common here on the east coast though, based on sightings.