Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Such is life

Brian flies in tonight – and he's already texted me twice on a borrowed phone to ask if he can skip school tomorrow. 🙄  Maybe someday he'll have a better work ethic. As for me and my big, fat window of opportunity? Where DID that two weeks go, and why don't I have more to show for it – like several bags full of fleece???

Actually, I did get quite a bit done, inside and out, I just didn't get any fleeces harvested. I did get all the sheep's feet trimmed today, even the ones I did already. After turning the ewes out on wet pasture for a couple hours, their feet were MUCH easier to trim; turns out my nippers aren't dull after all!

Then there are all the appointments I went to and the tills I enriched, including a last-minute visit to a dermatologist. One of the two spots on my radar turned out to be pre-cancerous, and she found four other little ones that never would've drawn my notice amidst all my many spots. Here are photos of the two on my calves; there is also one on an upper arm and a teeny-tiny one at the top of my forehead. Take note: they are pink, slightly raised, and a bit scaly if you look really close.

The site of my tooth extraction is finally calming down. When I saw my dentist on Sabbath (we go to the same church) he asked how I was doing, and I shared that I was worried about the amount of swelling and discomfort. So on Sunday he called in a prescription for clindamycin, which seems to working much better than the amoxicillin – but I have to take it every six hours. I've been just staying up to take my 12:30 a.m. dose because I think it would make me more tired to be awakened from what is usually my deepest sleep, but I don't think I can do another 12 nights of that!

Amoxicillin doesn't seem to be working great for Chuckie, either. He bounced back at first, but then lost ground again. He's eating, but not eagerly; he wants attention, but isn't playful; his foot is still clearly uncomfortable.

Are those fever blisters on his nose?

Poor kitty; I do think he knows he's loved.

That's it for my parenting break at . . .


Michelle said...

Aaaand – he's home!

Yarrow said...

Oh, poor little Chuckie, I hope he improves soon and I hope you feel better too.x

Mama Pea said...

I think you and Chuckie need to check in somewhere (preferably at home with no one else around) for a week of intense care and spa-like treatment. You can bring wool, too, of course. Take care of yourself. Even though it's hard not to put everyone else first. And even though you didn't ask for my opinion (heartless mother that I am), Brian shouldn't get to stay home from school to "recover" from his trip. That would just encourage and reinforce his thinking he need not strive to "man up" (he's a big boy now) and start acting as a responsible adult. :o]

Retired Knitter said...

I suspect that your son probably worked a lot on this trip and is tired. But ... welcome to the world of adulthood, young man. Even if you are tired, you find the strength to do the things that need doing and move on. He probably won't be happy about that - but when he is a completely grown man, he will appreciate the lessons gets today. Unfortunately you have to wait years for that awareness to show up in him.

Sounds like Chuckie needs a different drug. I would be worried.

And you did got a lot done - just not what was on your to-do list. Those spots!! Who would have thought??

Florida Farm Girl said...

Ah, hugs dear girl. It'll be good to have Brian home, no matter that little text. Hope you get to feeling better soon and Chuckie's foot heals. Poor baby can't tell you what's happening.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Yarrow, I do, too!

Never fear, Mama Pea, Rick and I were in strong agreement that Brian needed to "man up" – tho' the complaints keep coming! On the other advice, well, I AM signed up for our church's women's retreat this coming weekend. Can't take Chuckie, and won't be alone, but it should be refreshing.

Elaine, I hope I live long enough to experience some of that 'awareness'! Rick says the Clavamox is the best 'cat-bite' drug, but is thinking about x-raying that foot to see if the problem is more than infectious.

Yes, FFG, it IS good to see and hug my furry man child. ;-) I should check to see if I can comment on your blog now, after the fix to my settings I learned from Elaine!

Susan said...

Ah, Chuckie's little face. It is frustrating when they can't tell you where, what and how bad. I feel for you with that dental pain. I just don't know that there's anything that is more miserable. I hope the new meds do the trick. Sending healing hugs to you (and Chuckie).

Goatldi said...

OK my unsolicited vet tech opinion. Good thing there is a qualified vet in the immediate area.From the photo you shared looks like a squeeze in a towel burrito style and a bit of local anesthesia with a good cleaning may be needed. Have you ever tried Convenia? https://www.zoetisus.com/products/dogs/convenia/index.aspx

Especially nice for those of us who can go digging the cat out of the haystack multiple times a day and is amazing stuff!

Theresa said...

Poor you, poor Chuckie! Both suffering from throbbers and those are no fun. I hope everyone is feeling better by the weekend. Hugs!

wyomingheart said...

My hearts breaking for Chuckie. It's awful when we don't know what or how it hurts. I do know he's loved! Hope you and Chuckie are on the mends soon! Sending prayers.