Friday, April 26, 2019


I've been peddling as fast as I can, burning the candle at both ends, putting out fires, swimming so I don't sink, chasing my tail. The result? Behinder than ever, I'm afraid.

Oh, I'm getting things done, just not at the same pace as they are piling up. Extra work in the form of additional office-job hours (getting everything moved, unpacked, set up, and stored) and having an additional horse here in short-term training (I've ridden two horses daily for nine of the last eleven days) on top of all the usual (animal chores, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, being wife and mother) hasn't left much time for the seasonal pressures, like shearing sheep, prepping fleeces, and weeding. But here's proof of trying.

At this time of year the vegetation around here has dreams of world domination. The grass and weeds (and leaves and flowers) are growing so fast that it is no wonder why so many turn to chemical warfare. But I did make a dent in weeding the island bed; unfortunately the daffodils beyond the little gate may have to be dug up to get the weediest part under control again.

I'm hoping that Rick will tackle the weeds in the garden, since he put in the first planting. But I harvested the first crop of the year; a rhubarb crisp is ready for tomorrow's potluck.

I got Blaise sheared this week, and her fleece is ready and waiting to go to the post office on Monday. (Hopefully I'll also have Bittersweet's and Blake's fleeces ready to ship then, too.) I usually shear from front to back or back to front, but for some reason I decided to part her down the middle and shear each side. Good thing I did, too; as I finished one side I realized I had to leave to pick up Brian. I simply put her coat back on to keep things clean and finished shearing her (after removing Chuckie from his newfound throne) when I got home. Today I arranged the two halves together before rolling up the fleece to bag for shipping.

I started on Sarai, but after rooing her belly, rump, and upper legs easily, I found that her fleece was still firmly attached on her body. Oh well; back on went her coat until a more opportune time!

I'm still taking at least 15 minutes a day to spin or ply thanks to a 'daily challenge' on the Jenkins Ravelry group. If I'm going to be riding in a vehicle or hanging out in a waiting room, I take one of the two spindles and spin; if I'm squeezing in some time at home at the end of the day, I ply.

I have a lot more miscellaneous photos but I'm struggling to stay awake after several past-midnight bedtimes this week, so they will have to wait for another post

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Jean said...

Hope you get a break soon!

Retired Knitter said...

I am totally in awe of what you accomplish! I have accomplished almost nothing in the last 2 weeks - except breathing! And even to ensure that continued I had to make a stop at the ER.That darn flu hit me so hard. Thank God for Tamaflu - and for the fact I had a flu shot because it could have been even worse I am told. I am still on steroid to control throat swelling. Oh well. Improving. And I actually picked up my knitting needles and did a few rows about 2 nights ago. I will know I am totally back to normal when I am fully engaged in my knitting passions again - and not sitting idly in my chair watch stupid TV - which is about how much energy I have. Love the pictures of the sheep - and, OF COURSE, Chuckie! How I would love to run my hands over that handsome boy's fur.

Leigh said...

"The vegetation has dreams of world dominance" I couldn't stop laughing because that is so true! Love seeing the sheep, fleece, and Chuckie pics. I hope your busy season is over soon. You've had so much to deal with so far this year, you deserve a long rest.

wisps of words said...

Glad to see a new post! I'm new here, so have no idea of how often you do post, of course.

But with all you have to do, it's amazing you get any posting in.

Lovely to accomplish, but don't forget, we have to take care of ourselves first. If we "let ourselves go," and get ill, we can't do any of our chores/jobs. :-)


Mama Pea said...

You are one busy lady! Hey, you could pick up an extra job hiring yourself out as a shearer as you have that talent, too. What? No? Gosh, I was just suggesting something else to fill your time. (Now ducking to avoid heavy object you've thrown at me.) ;o)

Thanks for this post. Now I feel slightly ashamed for feeling I have too much to do. You're way ahead of me on that score, you Super Lady. If I burn the midnight oil as you've been doing, my brain shuts off and I walk into walls. You are amazing, but as wisps of words said, we women must learn to take care of ourselves because if we don't, everything around us quickly goes off the tracks.

Michelle said...

Maybe this summer, Jeanne. ;-)

Elaine, I'd rather be uber-busy than suffer through the flu you've had! I hope you are back to normal soon.

Leigh, I think you, too, live in an area with rampant vegetation; glad I could make you laugh! For us that season is just spring; things really slow down in the summer months and the pastures dry up and turn brown.

Wisps of words, welcome! I've seen your lovely comments on lots of blogs I follow so it's delightful to see them here, too. I LIKE to post nearly every day, but when things are this busy it just isn't possible. And don't worry, I ride my own horse for "self care." ;-)

Mama Pea, you're treading on thin ice! Seriously, it takes me so long that I'd be in the poor house in no time working as a shearer. (And you're WAY ahead of us on firewood!)

Susan said...

I am exhausted after reading this post! I hope you are taking care of yourself...listen to your surrogate mother...Your fleeces are so beautiful. I wish I could coat my two - they are both a mess. But coating an Icelandic is verboten and Norman hates a coat and spends most of his waking hours trying to rip it off. Chuckie looks back to his old self, is he feeling better? I so wish we were neighbors so that we could spin together (actually, so that you could teach me how..:-))

wyomingheart said...

You talk about Chuckie's new throne like it's a bad! He is training you well! That fleece looks fabulous! Life here on the ridge is pretty hectic too, but my Momma used to say, "busy hands are happy hands", so lets just say, I got the happiest hands in the eastern USA!...haha!

Claire MW said...

I always admire your spindle spinning. After having originally learned on a spindle, I never touched it again after switching to the wheel. I just don't have the patience. Your spinning is so even and fine.