Thursday, May 03, 2018

Visiting the garden

This afternoon I visited our poor, neglected garden for the first time this year – shocking, I know, for those of you whom I follow and admire for your diligent food-growing efforts! There was some food to be had; I picked enough rhubarb for a couple rhubarb custards (rhubarb custard pie without the crust; extra points for using some of our abundant eggs) and some arugula leaves from the bolting volunteer plants. The currant bushes have set on fruit, and the strawberry bed (as in solid, like a mattress) is blooming. The grapes, blueberries and cane berries – once my DH's pet projects before he got enamored with wood-turning – are just leafing out; I don't hold out hope for them producing much.
Beautiful to behold; now for food to fill it!

The mild, wet weather that gives us green grass in the winter also produces a bumper crop of weeds to deal with before gardening can begin each spring; the biomass is truly overwhelming. If it were up to me, we would have raised beds with heavily mulched walkways to make weed control and weeding easier. But my DH's gardening practices lean heavily on gas-powered machinery and petro-chemicals, so he has set it up for that.

Rather than wallowing in frustration and despair over things beyond my control, I have to focus on what I can do – and let the rest go. Lord help me; I feel like such a bad steward!

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Mama Pea said...

But, oh, you have all that LUSH greenery which makes my eyes and mouth water!! ;o) And the blooms you have nearly year 'round! (Yep, I know they need weeding, too, but still.) Do what you have the time for and appreciate all you can. Hubby and I were talking last night about the fact that you cannot change anyone but yourself. (So easy to forget that, at least for me!) I think it's especially hard for women (who are raised to be the caregivers and caretakers, always thinking of others before themselves), but we all (speaking of women) need to do what truly makes our own selves happy and content. If we can manage to do that, I think others would look at us in a different way. And maybe, possibly even want to change themselves!

Sherry said...

Mama Pea you are so right. I use to always worry about what I needed to do, or get done. Then I think of all I missed because of it. Your bushes are lush and green for sure, but I would walk miles for that bowl,lol Have a wonderful day.