Saturday, May 12, 2018

Insistent little bugger

You'll never guess who woke me up from sleeping in this morning by tapping/scratching at my window – the bluebird of happiness!

I raised my iPhone and snapped a few photos before dressing and heading down to do chores. When I mentioned to Rick that a pair had claimed the south birdhouse, he got downright serious, breaking out the tripod and his big-boy camera, and removing the window screen!
I took the second shot on my way to the barn to show the relative locations of our house and their house; Rick definitely had a good vantage point. I asked him to share some good shots with me/us; here they are:

This pair appears to have not only claimed the birdhouse, but ours as well! I think it is the female that perches on various windowsills (this morning was the first time at our bedroom window) and the hummingbird feeder. She doesn't seem to be attacking her reflection, just checking out the real estate – and being the harbinger of happiness!

That's it for today from . . .


Leigh said...

Your first photos gave me a smile! Critter antics are always a joy. So nice Rick has such a good camera and set-up. Makes for really nice shots.

Fat Dormouse said...

How lovely! Is she expecting you to feed her, do you think, or just saying "Get up!" ?