Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Butler Boudini

Butler slips out of the Ram-ada Inn paddock several times a day. I have no idea how; I've plugged all the obvious "holes." Problem is, he can't figure out how to get back in! Bogie tattles on him, I go down and usher Boudini back into the lot, and peace reigns for awhile. I'd love to put them both in with the big boys (more secure fencing, more room, simpler chores), but Butler is such a little squirt that I'm afraid he'd get his neck broke trying to take on the big guys. I've had a couple parties express interest in him as a flock sire; that would be wonderful for all.

The iris parade continues. The first three are peeking out of the tall pasture grass out by our entrance gate.

More of the odd hybrid iris are blooming:

Tucked in the shade of an oak tree is this stunning royal beauty:
I think that's the best photo of this iris' actual color I've ever captured; go iPhone 8!

I keep forgetting to post this, but I did finish a little hat to go with the "old man cardigan" I knit for my niece's baby. I need to get everything washed and mailed in time for her upcoming baby shower. Nothing else on the needles right now; all my fiber focus has been on fleeces!

That's it for now from . . .


MiniKat said...

Silly escaping sheep! I hope he gets to become some lucky someone's flock sire soon.

Also I lived vicariously through your iris parade. I missed mine because I haven't been feeling well.


Fat Dormouse said...

The irises are beautiful! We pass a stand of purple & yellow ones on our way to Roanne, our nearest big town. They help lift the spirits.

Susan said...

He is a cute little fellow! Linden used to manage to get over, around or under the fence on almost a daily basis. Now, thank goodness, he's not a limber (or as thin) as he used to be, so he stays put. Your irises are so beautiful!

Michelle said...

Me, too, Kat! If not, he'll eventually get castrated and stay here as a fiber pet. He would like to be a pet....

I think your region and ours have a similar climate, Allison; irises sure like it here.

I'm not sure why last year's later lambs are so much smaller than the ones that were born a month earlier. I sure wish he'd grow too big to get through the fence!