Monday, May 14, 2018

Out of gas with a(n almost) punctured tire

Out of gas with a(n almost) punctured tire
That was me (not my car) this morning!

After fueling up with my family (including MIL) at a local cafe yesterday morning, it was time to get motoring. First up, Bacall:
This yearling had a big fleece that collected a lot of VM before she got coated, enough so that the person who reserved it backed out. Still, what is under the tips is SO pretty. I started at the back and it went fairly well.

I took an hour break while the horses had pasture time, then sheared Bree. Since I sheared her VM-filled neck fleece before uncovering her torso, I didn't get a photo of her without her coat until she was nekkid.

If you see a strong resemblance, it's because these two ewes (along with Babette) are full sisters from different years.

So this morning, after yesterday's six hours of various contortions during shearing, I was feeling like an old jalopy. Then I nearly ran myself through with a broken dowel!
After putting away some clothes, I removed an empty rod with a broken tip from my old drying rack and turned around to put it in the closet. Only I didn't quite clear the doorway and rammed the pointy end into my abdomen just below my left ribs. It felt like a gut punch and torqued my back from the impact, but fortunately didn't break the skin. Rick just shook his head; he says I run into things more than anyone he's ever known.  :-/

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Jean said...

Sheep are beautiful! I have done something similar with a hard wooded corner of a frame -- hurts like everything - I feel your pain!

Yarrow said...

Your sheep have such beautiful fleeces :D Ouch for nearling stabbing yourself!!!

Retired Knitter said...

Glad you are ok. The fleeces are wonderful.

Mama Pea said...

Good golly, the jab with that "spear" could have been serious! I find I hurt myself (running into the corner of the coffee table, cabinet doors, etc.) when I'm just too busy. It's like I'm thinking about what I need to do next before finishing the present task. You run into things more than any other person Rick knows because you're always DOING things! Or three things at once. Or low on gas from doing so much. ;o)

Sharrie Brockhaus said...

Little does "he" know, but other people run into things all the time, also! He just doesn't live with them! Loved your answer on FB in discussion about "double coated" Shetlands.

Mary Ann said...

I did not know you did your own shearing! Do you tie them, will they stand???