Thursday, May 17, 2018

Teenage drama

No, not that one. (Well, okay, yes, that one, too....)

Today it was Bette's turn to be sheared, and oh, the drama. I guess she takes after her namesake, Bette Davis. (They're both blond and beautiful, too.)

Unfortunately, I never got Bette cleaned up and coated. I told the lady who reserved her fleece that she would be trashy; she wanted the fleece anyway. But there's trashy and then there's TRASH....

It's a shame, too, because under the trash is a beautiful fleece, just like her mama's.

Bette YELLED the whole time I sheared her, periodically fighting the head restraint and succeeding once in hanging herself and peeing on part of the fleece I had already sheared. šŸ˜³ The only saving grace is that she was really easy to shear, so she didn't take as long as the others have.
Tonight when I did chores, I had to work at distinguishing Bree (she has an ear tag that gives her away) from Babette from Bette (who has her aunt's earset) from Bacall – once Bridget is sheared, I'll have quintuplets!

In other news, someone had a tough labor and delivery today:
This opened in the iris bed:

And the nearby fields of crimson clover appear to have kissed one of my Japanese maples:

That's it for now from . . .

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Theresa said...

I need to ask you about some Japanese maples...I would like to remove the two little pines in my garden and replace with one showy JP. That pink is a stunner!