Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sweet violets

Some come in white,

Some come in green,

Love gifts are everywhere;

See what I mean?

Here's the ancient ear worm to go with the title:

(Photos taken in our woods below the barn this morning, in the rain.)


So, 40 Acts began today. I got the first prompt last night (you can read it here) and was underwhelmed by it. The devotional thought was good; it was the "act" that left me uninspired. Just draw a "target"? Find a 40 Acts buddy? The "Red Act" was a more concrete action, but who would I target, and how? Wednesday is one of my stay-at-home days; the only people I would see are my son and husband. Of course, they are in my target, but I do stuff for them all the time. How to show either of them more generosity?

As I was pondering that this morning, Rick returned home after taking Brian to school (work has been slow). Then his secretary called, informing him of a veterinary need over at the coast. Did I want to ride along? My first thought was, "No." I had things that needed to be done, and I like to be home alone. And then I remembered:

So for the next 40 days will you join us as we sacrifice something we love? Our pride, privacy, time, reputation, treasure. Will you take a risk and be a radical expression of faith reaching out in love? Who can you target today?

Boom. Here was my "act;" sacrificing my treasured time alone to make my husband happy ('quality time' is his main love language). And although I didn't walk in my door again until 7:30 when we got home with Brian after basketball practice, it was a good day. We even sat and watched the ocean for a bit – and got a rainbow blessing!

Happy Valentine's Day from . . .


Fat Dormouse said...

Big Smiley Face. God bless you, Michelle xx

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great rainbow catch!

Anonymous said...

I'm back... finally! I love the rainbow, well, and the ocean... I really miss the ocean! You are so lucky to live close to it.
Hugs for now from not so brrrr New Hampshire...

Donna OShaughnessy said...

40 Acts. Hmmm. Something to consider. I gave up Facebook and YouTube for Lent but that "act" pretty much just serves me. I think I need to stretch this out into the area that like you, is hardest to give up, my alone time. My husband could be with me 24/7. I don't get it and I often take for granted how blessed I am. Thanks for giving me something else to consider in the arena of giving.

Leigh said...

You've got flowers blooming! We've just started with daffodils, which are a very welcome sight.

I think my 40 acts will all be used on my poor husband. He's a trooper with a wounded han,d but he still needs a lot of help and TLC. I'm kinda understanding what wives of newly retired husbands must feel like; my own routine is pretty much out the window. Yet what else are we here for than to serve others in need.

Goatldi said...

Perhaps this was an act for not just him but you? Sounds like you have given the a gift of self and in return grew from it. Isn't God most wonderful in His plans? Good for you keep growing and going.

Lovely photos. Where on the beautiful Oregon coast were you two?

Michelle said...

Thanks for leading the way, FD!

Thanks, Sara; it was neat!

Beth! So good to hear from you!

The doing more for others is what drew me in, Donna. I never really got the point of just "giving up" for Lent.

My daffodils are still in buds, Leigh, so you're ahead of us. (And I think you'll be doing WAY more than 40 Acts for Dan! God bless you.)

Goatldi, that was at Road's End State Park at the north end of Lincoln City.

Goatldi said...

I thought I recognized that beach! Spent two nights there in '16 with my three oldest grand girls.