Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Cashmere dreams

Even though we're weathering a bit of a parenting storm, the day dawned beautifully this morning.
When the sun cleared the clouds, it illuminated the valley fog, the contrails, a little sun dog – and a sheep!

I took care of chores, started the dryer, washing machine and dishwasher, and sat down to play with fiber for a little while.

After finishing the camel down last week, I needed at least 20g of something to complete the January/February Jenkins YarnTools challenge of 70g. Looking around my disaster area stash room, my eye fell on some fluff in a plastic bag labeled "Brown Cashmere Fiber, 1 oz." Perfect; a small amount of something new-to-me that might even play well with the camel down if I chose to ply them together. (I'm sure it was a gift but I can't remember who was so kind as to send it to me.) :-/

Oh, YUM! It is every bit as soft as the camel down, but with a silkier handle; I love it!

After more work, more parenting, and some bad news on the dad-front (I'm afraid there's never going to be good news there), I did get a little time on my compromised pony while the sky put on a closing show.

Ah; all's well that ends well at . . .


Theresa said...

That fiber looks positively yummy!
You have the very best sky pics always.

Susan said...

I love your Turkish spindle - if I lived closer, I'd be at your front door every day for a lesson! Sorry about the parenting kerfuffle - this is why I stick to dogs; they're a handful enough. Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts...a big hug to you.