Saturday, February 17, 2018

Strange bedfellows

Right now Rick and Brian are sharing a bed, and I just might let Jackson share mine. No, we're not having marital trouble; we're dealing with my dad as best we can. To wit, Rick and Brian went up to visit him, and I stayed home. It was a last-minute decision made this morning; so far, the results are positive. Hopefully the weather cooperates for their return trip tomorrow; it was snowing in Spokane today and there's a possibility of getting our first white stuff of the winter here tonight. It didn't look too bad earlier, though:
I always enjoy time alone. After doing chores (during which I collected TWO eggs for the first tine since the end of December!)

I finished spinning my 30g of cashmere while watching the Olympics,
the dogs relaxing in front and behind me.
But tomorrow I have a long to-do list to rip through before my guys return!
40 Acts
Act 4, "After You," was pretty much business as usual for me. I did feed the dogs (one of Brian's daily chores) before he got up. Driving to and from church today, I watched for any pedestrian or fellow driver to which I could extend the courtesy of right-of-way, and waited until the end to join the line to fill my plate at our fellowship dinner. The "Red Option," prioritizing others' wishes above my own, is also business as usual as a wife and mother, although with my guys gone I get a short break from that. ;-)

Good-night from . . .


Fat Dormouse said...

I too try to be a courteous driver and let people in. However, in a different situation I really couldn't let someone else go first - I had to run very fast to get to the toilet before someone else! I was desperate for a pee!!!

Theresa said...

Hope the visit with your Dad goes well Michelle!