Friday, February 16, 2018


When I got the third prompt for 40 Acts last night, I knew immediately what I would be doing for "Act 3: Deal." I had hoarded points on my Starbucks card until I had a freebie available (I don't go there often, or get much), which I was dreaming about redeeming when I really needed a treat. Instead, after Brian's violin lesson and before his first (and last) basketball game of league playoffs this afternoon, I let him redeem it. Not because he deserved it (I won't share the wringer he put us all through THIS week), or because I was feeling charitable towards him (I wasn't, and still don't), but because God gives me so much in spite of . . . me. And that is the point of all this, isn't it?


Fat Dormouse said...

That's a good one...Did he appreciate it, do you think? (although that isn't the point either, really!)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Friend and I were just discussing this morning how fortunate we are in our lives and sometimes we forget that until we see those who have so much less. Hang in there with the kiddo. Growing up is tough.