Sunday, December 17, 2017

The halls are finally decked!

I was beginning to think our Christmas tree would sport the minimalist look this year, with just lights and four ornaments. The first three were birthday gifts this year: a 2017 bulldog keepsake ornament from my friend Debbie (this is #12!), an adorable sheep from my friend Kate, and a Jackson ornament for Brian.

The fourth was last year's ornament from Debbie, stashed in a cupboard because we never got the Christmas box out last year.
But today, just 20 days after der tannenbaum's arrival, the rest of the ornaments now decorate its branches, and more lights and decorations went up all around thanks to the teenaged elf.

Yes, there are even Christmas lights on the woodshed – which actually work quite nicely when we need to refill the wheelbarrow.

Last night we attended our final Christmas party and had such a fun time. That was followed by the first night's sleep undisturbed by pain since my dental work on the 5th. With all that and decorating today, I'm feeling rather jolly!

From a merry and bright . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I love your dog ornaments. I, too, have a lot of dog (and cat) ornaments from years of collecting. And that sheep one is REALLY special. Your tree is just grand. And it fit the space perfectly. It is very large and so of course it would take some time to get it all decorated, but what a wonderful 'finished object.'

Best to you and your family this Christmas.

Oh ... and so glad you are finally pain free. Tooth problems are the worst!!

Susan said...

Your teenage elf did a great job with the tree - I could never get the lights right. Your ornaments are so sweet - I love the sheep ornament. Here's hoping you have a 'sparkly' bright, happy, care (and pain) free holiday season! xo

Michelle said...

RK, if it weren't for the bulldog ornaments from my friend, I'd have more horses than dogs on my tree. ;-) Definitely need more sheep. And I'm not exactly pain-free, I can just last longer between doses of Tylenol. Another appt today, so who knows how I'll be tonight....

Rick and I did the lights on the tree; the teenager added more to the deck, the front porch, the woodshed, the welcome sign.... He really does love to decorate and have company!